Friday, January 6, 2017

My Favorite: Bags

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Winter is definitely here! It snowed last night but only a couple of inches. I'm so glad it wasn't that much!

Today I wanted to start a series, maybe a weekly one or monthly, not sure yet. It's called
"My Favorite". I'll pick one type of item that I own and show you a bit of my collections and which one(s) are my fave!

Today's subject is...

Like every person that's into fashion, you need a coordinating bag, right? In the Gyaru and Lolita fashions especially, there are tons of kawaii bags. It's really hard to not want everything. XD

Here are the bags that I use the most!

Puddle Bunny Bag from Sugar Bunny Shop
This is a great bag for my more casual days or when I just need to carry a lot more items. Plus it's a design with uber fat bunnies! What's not to love?
Shop here

3-Way Bag from DreamV
DreamV/Yumetenbo has always been one of my go-to shops for Himekaji style items. Especially for shoes and bags! This bag can be used as a rucksack, an over the shoulder bag and a handbag.
Shop here

My Melody Canvas bag from Sanrio
Now that the Sanrio global site is carrying more things that would only be found on their Japanese site, I can find a ton of merch from my favorite characters like My Melo! I love to use this bag with my lighter coords in the spring~
Shop here

Lovely Rabbit bag from Spreepicky
I think this bag is an adorable accessory but not very good with space. I can only really carry a small coin purse, my phone and maybe 2-3 makeup items. It works really well with Lolita and even Fairy Kei. Maybe if I can do more Pastel Gyaru, I can incorporate it as well~
Shop here

Quilted Rucksack
I love this bag! It's pretty roomy and it's still nice enough for a casual or a slightly more dressed up coord! This was a gift from a dear friend.

Sailor MoonxSamantha Vega Replica from Syndrome Store
It looks like an exact copy of the original - even down to the lining. I am a little sad that my locker at work messed up the handles but it's a great little bag. It's subtle enough to go anywhere with!
Shop here

Fluffy My Melody Purse from eBay
I fell in love with this purse when I first saw Sui Princess with it in one of her old hime photos. It's so soft and fluffy, it works with any fuwa fuwa style! I'm sure you can still find it on eBay but here are some just as cute alternatives!
Shop here

XOXO Handbag
I got this bag a long time ago but it's still in great condition! I use it a lot with my dressier coords.

Check Rose Tote Bag
My first Liz Lisa bag! It has so much room and pockets. The print is beautiful! It's my most prized favorite in my collection~
Shop here

Hope you enjoyed! What are your favorite bags that you own? I'd love to hear!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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