Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What Should I Read?

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

Even though I have a uniform for my job, I would still like to try to get some fashion going in my closet. It's mostly becoming Gyaru instead of the 50/50 with Lolita. Fairy Kei does happen a little more than Lolita though lol

But in any case, I've been thinking about getting into Gyaru fashion magazines. I tried Egg for a while but minus the summer issues, I wasn't really interested in the fashions featured.

I find that I'm really attracted to hime, himekaji, kogyaru and maybe even slight banba. There might be other substyles that I'm into but these are ones that I'm willing to try first! I have done himekaji so kogyaru might be next~

These are some of the magazines I've been looking to get that might be interesting:

Which magazine is your favorite? Is there one you read that's not here?

Of course I also plan to learn Japanese so I can do more than just look at the photos XD Wish me luck on that part though!

That's all for now! See you next time!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kawaii Review: MIMO Pencil Case Shop *~Sponsored~*

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

With our lives becoming busier, we need a way to keep track of everything. One of the biggest trends right now in the kawaii lifestyle is actually centered around planning! Starting out or running low on your planning essentials?

Check out this adorable shop named MIMO Pencil Case Shop!

MIMO is a USA-based online shop (located in my favorite state of Arizona!) that carries some of the cutest stationary and important necessities available. They carry planners, pencil cases, pens, pencils, stickers, note pads and just about anything else you could think of!

After speaking with the very sweet Jeanette, and in no longer than 2 days' time, a package arrived in the post! I couldn't believe how quickly everything was put together and sent to me! It was a wonderful pleasure speaking with her and I truly appreciate that she took the time to not only ask what kind of items I was interested in, but that it was followed through in what I actually got!

Here is the package as I received it! Not a single rip or tear.

Inside were all these individually-wrapped goodies that I had no real idea what was in them! I also received a typed letter with a sweet hand-written note from Jeanette as well~ I saw that there was a list of what was in the package but I didn't read that part until after I opened everything. I wanted to be surprised XD

Me Too Bunny Pencil Pouch
A super soft plush bunny pencil case. I was so happy when I saw him. Not only because it's a fully functional pencil case but it's such a cute bunny! And he's wearing a little hoodie with a bunny face! There are different color hoodies you can choose from - I got the orange one! His expression is so happy and sweet that for anyone that didn't know they would think he's a plush toy! Even with pens and pencils, he's still pretty huggable~

Here is the back so you can see where your writing tools go!

Kawaii Bunny Plush Coin Purse
(Can you tell what kind of items I was really looking for? XD ) Like the Me Too bunny pouch, this kawaii bunny purse is a plush. The sweet blushing face and strawberry are embroidered on so it looks just as sweet like the photos. This is actually my most favorite item!

The pouch opens by a zipper at the top and behind the ears.

Kawaii Choo-Choo Cat Bubble Stickers (Dessert Variation)
Puffy stickers! Of course stickers are necessary for planners! And maybe decorating your face lol! There are 4 different design sets you can get. I got the dessert one. The others include Lovely Heart, Hood and Ribbon. I love the different kitty faces!

Kawaii Character Face Colored Pencil-Crayons
When I was a kid, I used to love the stackable pencils! When one point was near its end, all you had to do was pull from the pencil and push it back in at the top so the new point would be ready to go! Great for anyone that didn't feel like sharpening. I'd always break a few points before it would sharpen properly...

I was a little confused with the product I got though. On the site, it shows them as being multi-colored tips but mine was just a regular stackable pencil. It didn't matter to me anyway. It reminds me of those pencils I had a kid! And with the cute different expressions, it's like having a new modern version!

Banana Gel Pens
OMG. This has to be one of the best pens ever in creation! Banana is actually one of my favorite fruits. I love it as the fruit, ice cream, smoothie, candy, anything!

The pen is actually shaped like a real banana and comes in different colors (stages) of banana too. So it ranges from green to bright yellow. I got the super ripe yellow one XD

Kawaii Critters Gel Pen (Duck with Frog Mask and Lamb versions)
These pens come with super cute toppers. I got 2 pens from this series - the Duck with Froggie Mask and the Lamb! Some of the other animals you can choose from are the Lion, Elephant, and Duck!

There are 8 in total and all of them look just as adorable as the ones I got.

Kawaii Bunny Gel Pen
Yay, another bunny! XD I received the super blushy and happy brown bunny out of the possible four available! Each color has a different expression and all of them are just as cute as the other. (They all use black ink though!) This pen is also a little on the longer side because of the cute lil bunny ears so be mindful when trying to find a good storage space!

Baby Animal Gel Pen
I got the yellow one with the Giraffe! It also has a mini ruler charm shaped like a giraffe. Such a cute touch!

Rilakkuma Post-It Pads
And as an extra treat, as it was not on the list, was this adorable Rilakkuma note set! It's a set of two kinds of note pads. Such a sweet gift! Thank you so much! 

Kieli's Rating (out of 5)

Overall Rating

MIMO has a lot of great products for all your kawaii planning needs. Each is made of great quality and the prices are just right! The pens and pencils write so smoothly and are nice and slender so they're easier to hold.

It's also great to see a company in the USA that appreciate the kawaii lifestyle too. I usually have to shop online with sites located in the UK, China or Japan and shipping is what usually kills me! So having this shop in my favorite state Arizona (somewhere I hope to move to very soon), helps me save on shipping and it gets here super fast!

I can't emphasize enough how awesome and easy it was speaking to Jeanette! She was super sweet and helpful and definitely made me a fan! I will surely make official purchases in the future for my own planning needs! This shop is awesome and definitely recommended! Be sure to visit them!

 This post was kindly sponsored by MIMO Pencil Case Shop 

That's all for now! See you next time!