Thursday, July 30, 2015

My KFashion Haul!

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

Today I wanted to share my haul with you from a couple of weeks ago! My friends and I made a date for a whole day in a nearby area called Flushing. It's basically like a mini Chinatown and has a ton of cute shops and cafes. One of our stops was a place called Fashion City. (Unfortunately they don't have a website, but if you're in Queens, NY you should totally stop by!)

They were having a huge sale on a lot of their stuff so of course we all decided to go shopping! I really wasn't planning to buy anything but I figured it was a good time to treat myself. I hadn't bought any goodies for a while~

I managed to get cluster earrings, a mint scrunchie, and this super adorable bunny dress (which one of my friends found for me!).

I think in total, I spent about 30$? Which isn't bad considering that the original price of the dress was about that much.

The cluster earrings have a heart, star, moon and gem. They're just simple post earrings but they work great for any outfit.

I absolutely adore this scrunchie! The fabric feels a little bit like a textured mint organza with little stars! And the little decoration with the beads are a really nice touch~

And finally, best for last, is the bunny dress. The tag says the brand name Sugar. I never heard of it before but now I know they exist and make cute things like this! I love that I can wear this for any kawaii fashion, Gyaru included.

Aren't the bunny faces so adorable?

And here are some worn shots! I finally arranged my room so I can actually photograph outfits. I can't wait to review the adorable Little Twin Stars blanket behind me in a future post!

That's all for now! See you next time!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kawaii Review: Paradise Rose

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

I have a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over-due review heh heh...

A long while back, I made a purchase from this super cute shop called Paradise Rose on Etsy! You can find lots of really nice accessories for Sweet, Gothic and even Classic styles. They've been really busy with cons so there isn't a lot on their shop right now. But I'm sure that'll change once they catch a break XD

My order arrived pretty quick and safely. It came allllllll the way from California! Check out the adorable packaging that my order came in, too!

Here they are all laid out!

The first item is their Cabochon Bunny Ring. They had a few colors to choose from so I chose the green one. Of course I had to get it. It's a bunny! And by how it's made, it totally reminds me of a mint chocolate cookie or a pudding. It sits on an adjustable ring base so I can fit it exactly to my finger size. The only thing I noticed when I originally got it was there was a speck on it that I can't remove. You have to look closely to find it and it doesn't really bother me. Otherwise it's perfect!

The next two items can actually go together. One is the Black Hearts Fuzzy Bow 2-way clip and the other is the White Stars Fuzzy Bow 2-way clip. Both are made of a very soft plush fur and decorated with stars or hearts. The 2-way clips on the back can let me wear them as hair accessories or brooches! My favorite part about these bows is that you'd never think to use plush fur. Most bows are fabric or made with fuzzy yarn. But this was different and still came out super adorable. And very soft!

None of these pieces are on their site right now so I can't link them. But I'm sure they'll eventually appear back in the shop.

Be sure to check out Paradise Rose on their Etsy and Facebook pages! Hope you like this review!

That's all for now! See you next time!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sailor Moon 30 Day Challenge: Day 2 - Favorite Character When You Were Younger

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

Today is Day 2 of the Sailor Moon 30 Day Challenge!~

Favorite Character When You Were Younger

Most fans wanted to be just like Sailor Moon herself. But there was a certain something about a certain blue senshi that made her my favorite.

Fan art by unknown!
I found this beautiful piece on Fanpop but I don't know who the artist is! If you know the name of the artist and/or their site, please comment so I can credit properly! Thank you!!! 

Sailor Mercury

I wasn't super smart like her and I wasn't studious at all in school. ^^; I'm more like Usagi...heh heh... But it was Ami-chan's story that got to me. Even though she was alone a lot of the time and mostly just kept to her books, she still wanted to find love and friendship. And she found that with Usagi and the others. Her determination and will kept her going until she got to where she needed to be.

And because of that, she got friends for life! Ami-chan really inspired me to keep going and never give up!

Who is your favorite character?

That's all for now! See you next time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Spotlight: Pretty & Cute

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

This next Spotlight is on the shop Pretty & Cute! It's a place where you can find Korean and Japanese Cosmetics. They are based in Oregon and get their products straight from vendors in Asia! They carry lots of products for hair care, skin care, makeup and even tools like brushes and puffs.

I'm already making a list of what I want to buy on there XD

Like what you see? Click on the image to go to the shop!

That's all for now! See you next time!