Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Foxes, Rabbits, and Bears - Oh My! Little Paper Forest Review { 06-27-2012 }

Welcome back! After much debate, I decided I cannot not post on my blog. Even if no one is reading this, I am doing this for myself and that's important. If you decide to read and become a follower, then yay! If not, then I guess - someday.

Today's post is about one of my favorite shops that I've seen for a long while. It's ♥ Little Paper Forest ♥! I've always seen the cute unicorn charms as well as the super adorable fawn charm but it wasn't until now that I decided to buy a couple of my own. I definitely had to buy at least one because of the recent release of the sweet bunny charm! A perfect addition to my ever growing bunny collection. (I'm totally not obsessed.)

My order came in a small yet cutely decorated pouch with forest themed stickers (like this one shown here!). With a name like Paper Forest, I can totally connect the design and the name. (Important for those that want to have good branding for your business!)

Inside, I see exactly what I ordered - my bunny, pink unicorn and even - a surprise! A cute lil' pin of a bun! I instantly fell in love~ The charms are much larger than I imagined but are perfect as phone charms. Each is made of very sturdy and thick acrylic.They are described as "professionally heat pressed and laser cut on thick, waterproof, scratch resistant acrylic." I don't know much about working with acrylic but I imagine it's tough to get it just right.

This is the bunny charm! It's a sweet all white bunny that looks like he's speeding through the forest. His legs are stretched and his ears are flattened back. You can even see little details like his hair is being ruffled in the wind because he's going so fast. I love his cute lil' bunny tail! This piece and the unicorn are both quite thick as you can see in the photo. Which is good if you're always on the go and you tend to smack your phone around even if you don't mean to...

Look how sugary (can that even be used to describe something?) the flying unicorn looks. There are two versions available - blue and this pink one. I got this color to match my phone. This charm is a chubby little flying unicorn with fluffy hair and large cute ears. The way she's designed looks like she is to stand there and guard whatever you attach her to. I always wanted a guardian unicorn!

Shipping was super fast and secure so no worries about my package. Speaking of the packaging... Did you see the backings of each charm?! Packed with each one is a black card stock with a very shiny rainbow that actually reflects in the light. Trailing down from the clouds are like colored droplets so that it looks like each charm came from a very happy place somewhere over the rainbow!  Even on the back, there are more rainbow dots surrounding Little Paper Forest's contact email!The shop has so many adorable designs (on everything!) and there are so many to choose from! Won't you take a forest charm home today?

Thank you very much, Little Paper Forest!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ever Wanted to Feel like a Mermaid Princess? A Minky Shop Review { 06-24-2012 }

Hello and welcome back! I hope you like my reviews! Please let me know if you would like to see other kinds of posts or if you know of a cute product you would like to see a review on! (Though, fair warning these last few posts in June might be my anyone even reading these?)

Today's review is on my gorgeous shoes from ♥ Minky Shop ♥! It is a very cute store where you can find really nice fashion and accessories. As you know, I am expanding my wardrobe and becoming a Lolita (bit by bit) and I am also cosplaying Natalia from Tales of the Abyss (her Princess outfit). I looked for a really long time to find shoes in just the right color! It wasn't easy haha. But with much thanks to Minky, I was able to find the Mermaid Princess Pearl Sandals!

 I did comparison shots with the shoes so you can see how they look with Flash or No Flash

I just love the style and the color. I got them in a glossy blue so there is a bit of shine to them. I am not sure of the material but it's like leather and maybe a little plastic? I would imagine the ones I chose have plastic because they do have that shine and texture to them. There are two bows, one on the front and one in the back. The bow on the front has little shiny beads that look like gems (which I love!). And like my Anna House shoes, they have a bit of a frill to them with a cute and simple design but this time there is a little heart imprint incorporated.

Aren't they cute? You can find them in almost any size and color on the site. They are low heels with open toe so they are very comfy to walk in. Because they are open toe, they are perfect for the warm weather! There is an ankle strap that fastens with a silver heart-shaped buckle. My favorite detail is the strand of faux pearls dangling from the strap. It just really makes a girl feel like not just a princess - but a Mermaid Princess! The pearls are detachable but why would you want to?!

These shoes are definitely a must have for summer Loli fashion. And for any questions you might have on any of the items listed, you are sure to get your answer! The service was pretty quick too and the box arrived in better shape haha! I would definitely recommend shopping here. It just is a shame that I love the clothes on there but I'm not a tiny girl so I can't fit most of them. But I would still say check out their stuff because everything is so cute. And I'm really happy with the service and the shoes! Totally can't wait for any outfit I'll be putting together.

Thank you so much, Minky Shop! I am a very happy customer and will be shopping there again in the future!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where Spunky is the New Cute: A sassyNpunk Review { 06-17-2012 }

Happy Sunday! And might I add that today is a special Sunday at that? Happy Father's Day to all the Papas and Papas-to-be out there! Hope you and your family are enjoying yourselves.

Today I bring you another review - this time from the very hip but cute shop called ♥ sassyNpunk ♥. If you love cute, anime and trends from the interwebs, this shop is for you.It's run by the very spunky and adorable Leyla and they have things from Sailor Moon merch to very sweet-looking jewelry.

 I have always wanted more accessories for a sweet theme because well....I love sweets! Luckily sassyNpunk had just what I was looking for. I bought their very edible-looking Fairy Kei Lollipop Jewelry Set and a Cupcake Stack Ring. (You guys have no idea how hard it is for me to not want to eat this stuff!)

I must admit - I was having a really tough time trying to decide what I wanted to get. I know I definitely wanted to get jewelry but there is a lot of cute stuff in there so I had to choose wisely! But a great thing for me that the Lollipop set exists. In the set you get a pair of earrings and a necklace, both in the Fairy Kei style and in the shapes of lollipops!

The earrings are pretty swirl lollipops like what you used to get as a kid in the candy shop and appear to be made from a very bright pastel colored clay.The swirls are a nice combination of purple, yellows, blues, and pinks and a few others and are blended quite nicely together. The pops themselves are actually set as real lollipops with sticks which are then decorated with little pink bows and little beads. These are for pierced ears as they have lobster clasps with a cute little pastel purple star bead in between.

I never wore lobster clasp earrings before so I was a little intimidated at first but I got used to that pretty quickly. Especially since I love them so much! I am always tempted to eat them, haha!

The necklace is made in the same style only it's about an inch bigger! And this time, the lollipop has two bows - front and back of the stick in pink and blue.The swirls are a combo of pink, blue, purple and white (and looks like it could be grape-flavored!).

Decorating the lollipop is a small dollop of blue "cream" with a slice of lime and a tiny little apple. To continue the Fairy Kei look, it's hung from a pink plastic chain and closes with a sturdy lobster clasp. And because this is bigger than the earrings, I really do catch myself trying to eat it!

 The second item I bought was their really awesome Cupcake Stack Ring...and when they say a stack of cupcakes - they really mean a stack! I mean, this is a cupcake lover's dream! It has four cupcakes with all different colored icing stacked on a plate that rests on a pink adjustable ring.

The silver plate is practically filled to the brim with the four lovely molded cupcakes on it. There is a pink cupcake, a yellow cupcake, a purple-swirled cupcake and a blue cupcake in the bunch. Resting in between is a bunch of cute flower bead and even a pink macaron! As you can see and would guess, it's a tall ring. But a tall ring of dessert heaven. (And what's super cool about all three pieces is that there is a glaze that even makes them look like real desserts!)

The shop is filled with very cute stuff of all styles. It even has makeup for those of us that love strong and vibrant colors with brands like Lime Crime and Sweetpea & Fay. Customer help is always quick and informative and you can always expect great things! Definitely a shop worth looking into!

Thank you so much, Leyla and sassyNpunk! I love my stuff and will be shopping again in the future!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~