Thursday, May 28, 2015

30 Day Video Game Challenge - Day 8: Best Soundtrack

Hiyo, lil bunnies!

Today I bring you...

Day 8: Best Soundtrack

Drakengard 3/Drag-On Dragoon 3

After going through my collection and much thinking, I think I love this game's soundtrack the most. It's pretty much the only one that I listen to 90% of all the tracks.

A problem I have with basically any kind of music I listen to is that I only find a few songs I like out of the whole album! But with the Drakengard 3 soundtrack, I love almost every single piece. Even if you don't like the game series, it's a beautiful thing to listen to.


Disc 1
01 Better End  - 02:31
02 忘彼 The Forgotten - 02:30
03 勇雷/戦場 Ray of the Brave / Battle Ver. - 04:43
04 侵贖/戦場 Redeemed Invasion / Battle Ver. - 03:45
05 神降 The Fallen God - 04:44
06 不情/戦場 Uncertainty / Battle - 04:46
07 踊祝/戦場 Leap Wishes / Battle Ver. - 04:37
08 偏罪 Biased Crime - 03:03
09 応撃/戦場 Reinforcement’s Attack / Battle - 04:04
10 防来/戦場 The Upcoming Battle / Battle Ver. - 04:03
11 空音 The Empty Tone - 03:59
12 奇霊/戦場 The Odd Souls / Battle - 03:59
13 出蠢/戦場 The Rising Fool / Battle Ver. - 04:00
14 転歩 Turning Back - 03:17
15 乱葉/戦場 Leaf of Chaos / Battle - 04:21
16 友歌/戦場 The Comrade’s Song / Battle Ver. - 04:23
17 底闇 Deep Darkness - 02:40
18 尽きる3 Tsukiru 3 / Exhausted DOD3 Ver. - 04:11
19 倫理の為のピアノ曲 For the Sake of Ethics Piano Track - 03:12
Disk 2
01 クロイウタ Kuroi Uta (The Black Song) - 06:22
02 出蠢/ファヌエル The Rising Fool / Phanuel - 04:10
03 防来/アルマロス The Upcoming Battle / Armaros - 03:33
04 侵贖/アルミサエル Redeemed Invasion / Almisael - 02:57
05 踊祝/エグリゴリ Leap Wishes / Egregori - 05:07
06 友歌/ガブリエル The Comrade’s Song / Gabriel - 04:03
07 踊祝/ラファエル Leap Wishes / Raphael - 04:28
08 友歌/アブディエル The Comrade’s Song / Abdiel - 04:15
09 防来/ゾフィエル The Upcoming Battle / Zophiel - 03:33
10 出蠢/ガルガリエル The Rising Fool / Galgaliel - 04:56
11 侵贖/イズライール Redeemed Invasion / Ezrael - 04:35
12 クロイウタ/日本国外向け製品収録版 The Black Song/ Included Product for Outside of Japan - 06:05
13 最後の歌 The Final Song - 07:56
14 This Silence Is Mine - 07:06

Some of my favorite tracks are:

クロイウタ/日本国外向け製品収録版 The Black Song/International Version

 防来/アルマロス The Upcoming Battle / Armaro

最後の歌 The Final Song

Hope you enjoy this soundtrack as much as I do! And maybe give the game a shot?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 8 - Favorite Anime Couple

Hiyo, Bunnies!

It's been a while since I added to the meme challenges I've been working on. But I am finally getting back on track~

Here is Day 8 - Favorite Anime Couple

Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ōtani
from Lovely Complex (aka Love★Com)!

This couple reminds me every bit of my own relationship. We have our good times and bad times but there are a ton of times where our "arguments" make others laugh. I may not be the tall one in the relationship like Risa is, but my Darling is XD And I am definitely a lot like her!

Risa and Atsushi are made for each other. And both the anime and manga show that by how they act towards one another. They're always bickering but it's definitely true love! (Trust me, you'll know it too when you watch the anime or read the manga)

If you haven't read or watched Lovely Complex, I highly suggest you do! It's a great romantic comedy!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Back! With Updates and Haul!

Hiyo Bunnies!

I'm back from my vacation in Arizona! It was so great seeing my boyfriend, friends and family for a glorious 3 week vacation. We celebrated my boyfriend's birthday, his cousin's wedding and even went to the Wildlife Park in Phoenix! But for now, I am back in NY. I can't wait to see my Darling next time when he visits me!

And now that I have returned, I can start working on my backlog of posts. First, I bring you a haul post!

Please excuse the quality of the photos. I left my computer with my boyfriend for him to fix and am using his laptop in the meantime. All of the photos are from my phone with app edits.

About a week before I left for vacation, I went out and spent the day with dear friends of mine. We met up near St. Mark's Place in Manhattan. And since I got to the meeting place first, I was waiting near a dog park, watching the doggies play. When my friends arrived, we voted it was time to eat some lunch. They knew exactly where they wanted to take me as I had never eaten authentic Taiwanese food before.

Walking a bit over from where we were, we arrived at a cute little shop named TKettle! If you're ever in NYC and want some tasty, hot Taiwanese food, I strongly suggest this place. You get a good amount of food for the price and you can get delicious goodies like shaved ice (which is only available in the summer) and bubble tea. Since it was lunch time, we got the lunch special. For ten bucks, you can choose up to three items. And you can even have them add as much spice as you want. I was feeling adventurous so I asked them to put a little bit. It's a good thing too! Because even that was hot. But it was so tasty!

For my lunch, I ordered corn, fried tofu and chicken poppers. To drink, I ordered my favorite flavor melon milk tea with bubbles! It was all so delicious but so hot. But the bubble tea helped cool down my tongue very quickly.

There was so much to eat for the three of us, we all had to get to go boxes to carry the rest home. Once we were all set, we walked around St. Mark's and looked in a few of the shops around there. My friends were able to find awesome buys but since I would be going on my trip the week after, I had to save all the money I could.

We also checked out Midtown Comics to see if there was anything new. After looking around, I found these beauties.

I am an 80s baby, born in 1984. (Old right? XP ) I was super excited to find these! I had no idea that they were remaking the comics but I have to say I'm in love with it! The art is different from the original but I think it goes perfectly. It even follows the original story~ I am also a huge fan of the original 80s My Little Pony. I'm not into the Friendship is Magic series at all. Seeing things like this Firefly makes me super happy.

The new Jem comic is published by IDW, written by Kelly Thompson and the art is by Ross Campbell. Whenever there is a remake of anything from my childhood, I already begin to cringe. I feel that MLP, Rainbow Brite and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were already ruined in the new versions. But the Jem team did it perfectly.

The story and the art have been tweaked a bit but it still keeps Jem's original roots. It still feels like Jem! It starts off with Jerrica and the girls trying to get things together to be picked for an event called "The Misfits Vs." and Jerrica freezes up when it's time for her to sing. The girls take a break and go home where Jerrica suddenly meets a spirit called - yep, you guessed it - Synergy! And it only gets better from there.

I absolutely love the new designs for the girls. They are so vibrant, colorful and also look like actual women.

It's so cool how the fashions are like modernized versions of the 80s style. They still work for now but could have probably existed back then!

I am in absolute love!!! And we are already at issue #5! I have a lot of catching up to do~

Next, I will show you the adorable little Firefly I bought.


Isn't the box art so cute?! It reminds me of the old packaging from back in the 80s. The photos above show the box from all sides. If you'd like to see it bigger, just click on them!

And here is what's inside! You get the figurine, a small brush and a little photo book. It's just like the old days!

This is the only box I've seen so far so I don't know if there are other ponies. But Firefly has actual synthetic hair which you can brush and style. She comes in her classic pose of getting ready to take flight! The little brush is a shooting star shape and is very reminiscent of the brushes that came with each pony.

I tried to take a shot of the print underneath her hoof but it does say 2014 Hasbro.

Here are a couple of the pages from the mini book!

And finally, to end my fun day, we headed over to Sephora. Since I was attending the wedding and taking photos, I needed a good foundation. One of my friends that was with me has sensitive skin like I do and is very good at doing makeup. So it was very helpful in finding the right one.

I also needed something that would withstand the Arizona heat. We found a foundation that matched my skin tone and would apply well. A store employee confirmed for us that it would be suitable for the heat.

I also ended up getting a primer! Very happy with my purchase for not really knowing much about make-up. But since I am getting more and more into Gyaru, I figure I would need to get better at it.

That's it for my haul! Hope you enjoyed it! And for a while, things will be slowly getting back online. My apologies for that. I am working hard to get my shop back up, adding new things and making blog posts when I can.

Will see you soon!