Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inspiring Wednesdays (and I'm back!)


Time for another addition of "Inspiring Wednesdays"! I love this part of my blogging week. =) This week's inspiration is..................


Dorian's blog at Your Daily Cute blog!

If you ever look for an awesome site for just animal cuteness, heroic stories or even just sweet stories of people and animals helping each other, this is definitely the spot for you! I always go to her blog to get my daily dose of cuteness =)

She also saves animals she finds, makes sure to give them the best care and even lets us see the cutest videos and pictures! And because of that, some people even become inspired! I know I did.

This past Sunday, my sister and her friend came across a loose dog. He looked taken care of and was extremely friendly. The two immediately went to locate his owner. And while doing so, they came across something very uncommon in our neighborhood. Underneath a parked car, was a cute little rabbit!

Without thinking otherwise, I took matters into my own hand and scooped the little bun into a box and brought him home into a much more comfortable place. It's close to winter so it would have not been good for him. And now, as I write this post, he's sitting happily in his cage. Well, I still don't know whether it's a male or female but I will find out this coming Saturday when I get him looked at by a vet =)

I never owned a rabbit before but I am doing my homework and making sure he's getting the right food and give him the best home ever. =) But if anyone has any advice or suggestions, they are more than welcome.

Oh and the dog? We found his owner and he's safely back with the family. And I'm the proud owner of a rabbit. I will have to post pictures as I get more of them =)

So, thank you Dorian. You are this week's inspiration! You certainly have inspired me!

Cuddles and Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspiring Wednesdays (and a small break)

So sorry for missing this past Sunday's post! Things have been kind of crazy. But let's get down to business =)

It's that time of year again! Where families come together to eat, talk about old times and be grateful for everything in their lives. Yes, Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday.

There are some families that will be having pre-made food, home cooking or frozen TV dinners. Whatever you are eating or where you are, remember to not overeat but do enjoy yourself. Do say thanks for the life you live, the things you have and the people that love you. Because without these, you would not be who you are today.

Just recently, my new job had a food drive for children for Thanksgiving. Even employees contributed money and food. Now those less fortunate will have something to look forward to.

Let events like this inspire you to give what you can do a food drive, a toy drive or even just a monetary donation to a place like St. Jude's Hospital. And you don't even have to limit it to children! It can be animals, the elderly or even those with disabilities. Lend a hand when you can =)

I also wanted to let you guys know that I may or may not be posting this coming Sunday. Part of the craziness is getting ready for Thanksgiving! So I will end it here. 

May everyone enjoy their week and have a very Happy Thanksgiving =)

Cuddles and Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inspiring Wednesdays!

So, it's Wednesday and just as promised, I am going to start doing a second day posting on my blog. I am calling it "Inspiring Wednesdays". What is it exactly? Pretty much what it says.


Every Wednesday I will dedicate my blog post to anything that has led me to be inspired. Either it be a blog post, a photo, something that was said to me or quoted from somewhere, just about anything. Today's first post is dedicated to one of my favorite bloggers, . (Be sure to visit her site, everyone!)

Victoria is the author of the blog called "Parfait Doll". It's a very sweet and very well presented blog on many different subjects, with a good bit of it on Loli. She has posts ranging from good tips to holidays to even just inspirational posts. And the best part of it is, is that every one of her posts come from the heart and are so sentimental that one could automatically connect with her.

Just recently, she posted "What Age is Right for Lolita?" The moment I read that, I felt more at ease with myself. I am going to be 28 years old and only just recently got more interested and involved in the world of Lolita. So when I read her post, it allowed me to be more comfortable with myself and push myself even more to arrive where I want to be. I don't have to be afraid of what others think about me when I put on the few pieces I have that are Lolita. I feel comfortable when I put together my ensembles and now I can feel proud. I hope to one day make my own accessories and share them with the world in my own little Loli shop. As a Graphic Designer, this is one way I can get the art satisfaction I need. 

So, thank you, dear Victoria. You inspire me to be me. And I hope that you continue to share your wonderful experiences with us and may you always be full of inspirations and fun. I dedicate this Wednesday to you.

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Past Week and My Future Plans

Hello again!

Hope everyone has been having a good week. I know I did. Even though I was very tired, I was very happy. I still am, as a matter of fact. 

That saying is so true. It couldn't have described my situation more. I have been a graduate of college since 2007 and never really had a job in what I studied. Graphic Design. It is now 2011....long time eh? But I finally got a job that will still require me to work with office things but at least the rest of the time can be devoted to putting together pieces using my skills.

Other than that, things have been the same. Reading through blogs and finding different inspirations. Oh, I also started a Tumblr! It can be strangely addicting. But it is full of interesting pictures and text blurbs. Mine of course is very close to sweet designs and Lolita-inspired pictures. Here is the link if anyone is interested! And as soon as I can find out, I will have a button on this journal so anyone new will be able to follow it (if you so choose to).

Speaking of this blog, I have been thinking about posting on this blog more than once a week. I figure that while it's nice to work with this at a slow pace, I figure there is just too much I would like to do with this blog. I want to at least post twice a week and maybe dedicate one of two days to reviewing something. I think that would be a good idea. There are plenty of things I would like to discuss so why not! That is definitely something I want to try in the near future. Perhaps you will see another post sometime this week before the next Sunday! Here's hoping!

Cuddles and Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Upstate Getaway

Well I am finally back from my little vacation and while it was cold and snowy, it was still a very nice stay. My aunt and uncle have three cats with all very different personalities. The oldest pretty much likes to sleep all day, the next one still acts like a kitten and the youngest is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. (I shall post pictures of them next time :3 )

I managed to take some very nice pictures while up by around 9 and 10 in the morning. It's so beautiful up there, even during the winter months when snow covers the trees and the ground.


That picture was basically of the snow that had fallen before the storm that hit Saturday. It wasn't until late that day that the weather started to get really bad. We even lost our power for a bit! But luckily we got it back before the night came.

This is a tree that stands right outside of the house. The snowfall was just getting worse at this point. But it was still not that bad to go outside for a couple of pictures. I couldn't stay out long as even my hands were getting a bit cold.


And just for a more artistic view, I ended up taking pictures of these interesting berries. According to my aunt, deer love to eat them. I am not sure what they are but they are really nice for pictures =)

These are just a few of the many photos I took that weekend. So if anyone wants to see more, please let me know and I will be happy to post them =)

Cuddles and kisses, 

~ Kieli ~

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