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Let's Have a Fairy Kei Teaparty: Kittywood Designs Review { 6-03-2012 }

Today I have another awesome review for you today! It's for the Etsy shop ♥ Kittywood Designs ♥. I just happened to catch sight of the store when I was going through my Etsy emails and saw these adorable teacups! I instantly fell in love.

Kattie, the owner of Kittywood, has an amazing and a huge variety of different designs. And she has more than just teacups - like necklaces, charms and even cell phone cases. Each one is a different design and oh so cute. I also discovered that she can do custom designs.

I asked her about it and she showed me different designs she has done and let me tell you - the choices and combinations are pretty much near endless.All I had to do was tell her what I wanted for both the teacup itself and what I wanted on said teacup. Of course I went with all things super cute. I said bunnies, horses, bows, stars, hearts, straws and cute little beads for extra shine all on white "icing" in a blue teacup. I didn't even have an idea of how it would come out and thought she might have thought I was crazy. xD But nope, I am not crazy (well, maybe a little). She was able to make the most adorable carousel design ever!

 Front and back views:

It is definitely something a Loli dreams of. The teacup is a cute baby blue color with heart designs, and yes it does sit on a little plate. The decorations are in sweet colors of yellows, pinks and purples. As I said, there are bows, stars, little beads and rhinestone-like shiny beads. Sitting at the top is a larger bow with a cute little pink bunny, an ice cream cone and two carousel horses with the straws as the poles of the horses. All of this is sitting in the white "icing" in the teacup that is securely-fastened to an alligator clip. It does have a little weight to it but it's not enough to give a headache and I can make sure it's still there when I'm wearing a wig.

The second item I bought from her and fell in love with is the Fairy Kei Pastel Transparent Balloon Hair Clip. I saw it when I was looking through her teacup designs and was so happy when she had the balloon hair clip listed separately!

I'm not sure what the balloons themselves are made of but it's a lightweight clip. Each balloon is a different color with four of the five being stars and the one in the middle is a slightly bigger moon. It really does look like someone holding a bunch of different balloons with the base. The stem has a white polka-dotted purple ribbon and is attached to a secure alligator clip.

I am very happy with my purchases from Kittywood Designs. It was a great transaction and she made it super easy and painless so that I could get my custom design 100%. And she did just that! So I would definitely buy from her again in the future! Thank you, Kattie!

You all should definitely check out her shop if you're looking for sweet deco and Fairy Kei stuff. Kattie is super sweet and a great designer. I highly recommend her!

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  1. I like your blog and your desing! :D
    I'm new in this

  2. donde compras todas esas cosas ??

    where you buy these things?

    1. Gracias por tu comentario! Puedes comprar en este website: :)

      ~ Kieli ~


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