Monday, January 30, 2017

Kawaii Review: My Melody Bag from Kawaii Gyaru Shop

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Long time no see! But guess what! I have a review for you!

Today's Kawaii Review is another purchase from the
Kawaii Gyaru Shop!

My one weakness will always be My Melody items. Especially if they're adorable bags like this one.

I was doing my usual scouting through all of my favorite shops when I saw this. I debated on getting it cause as I said before, my paychecks haven't been the best of late. But it was still a decent price and I could use a discount code. Even my Darling said that if I liked it that much to just go ahead. So I did it XD

It literally arrived in just a couple of days in this mailer. I was so excited!

Here it is with the card to the shop!

I really appreciate that all of my orders from this shop always come protected in these plastic baggies.

Just look at that sweet face!

And finally out of the bag! It's actually made with a really soft and plush faux fur. If you didn't know it was a bag, it could pass for a fuzzy pillow.

The bag handles are actually attached to the ears so you will always see her face. 
Unfortunately, there are a lot of My Melo bags where the ears just flop over and cover her. So this is a nice change.

It's a very big bag! You can actually fit a lot of things in it. That was also a very nice surprise.

The inside is lined with this very cute pink and white polka-dots fabric. It's super soft!

The bag closes with velcro.

Contact: 10/10
From the moment I confirmed my order, I got automatic emails saying my purchase was confirmed and sent. Love how efficient this shop is.

Price: 10/10
You can expect both gently used and brand new items in this shop. My bag is in perfect condition and the price was just right for it.

Shipping: 10/10
Shipping is always super fast and cheap! Finally, being in the US has its advantages XD

Quality: 10/10
It's an official item from Sanrio and great quality. No doubts here!

Comfort: 10/10
It's very soft and sits easily on my shoulder.

Overall: 10
As always, I had a great shopping experience from Kawaii Gyaru Shop. Be sure to check them out!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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