Thursday, January 25, 2018

☆Vintage Liz Lisa Haul with Tenshi SS☆

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Got another haul! 
This one is a little late though as I received these at the beginning of the month. I didn't have many people to buy for the holidays so....yeah I was doing a bunch of shopping for myself. XD

Every month or so, I look around on the Japanese Mercari for some older pieces from my favorite brands. Liz Lisa is one of my favorites to wear in the winter because of their super fluffy and oversized sweater with sukapan combos. Not to mention, those coords look adorable with OTK boots. (I can't wait for my new pair to arrive soon from Tenso!)

I ordered from a few different sellers and Tenshi condensed it all to one box. (Thank you!)

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this inside!
Unfortunately, I do not know what collections these are from. But if anyone knows, I'd love to get that info on here!

The first order is actually a sweater and sukapan set.

The sweater is very fluffy and a bit longer. It's completely white and the only details are the extra knitting designs and little pom poms. I love that it's like an off the shoulder but more like a wider turtleneck with a matching chiffon tie.

The sukapan is smaller than their current ones but super cute! I think I've seen a bunch of older gyaru models with this same one. Sadly the pockets are not real but the elastic waist is really stretchy. It even fits over my hips xD

The next item is a pair of denim shorts!
Because many, if not all, of Liz Lisa's sukapan are really frilly at the bottom, I thought this was one too lol! But to my surprise, it's a pair of shorts without looking like shorts. Which makes me happy because I'm actually not a huge fan of their shorts. ^^; They are also very stretchy and comfortable. I can't wait to wear them!

The final piece I bought was another big and fluffy white sweater.
This one is actually fuzzy and a true off the shoulder top. It does have chiffon ties for both shoulders to add even more cuteness. It's more form-fitting and shorter than the first sweater but just as warm. I would wear this one with more high-waist bottoms.

Stay tuned for the next haul~

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. I love everything you got!! I used to have a pair of denim shorts like that without the print and it really does look like sukapa when worn! Can't wait to see outfit posts when your boots arrivd ^_~

  2. I'm so behind omg but I love everything you purchased!!! :3
    - Amiman♥


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