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✩30 Day Gyaru Challenge: Day 12 - Gaijin Gals That Influenced Me✩ (Question Switch-Out)

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Today's entry is
Day 12 of the 30 Day Gyaru Challenge:
✩Gaijin Gals That Influenced Me✩

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope it was great! Mine was pretty quiet as I worked both days Dx

Anyway, let's start off the new year with awesome positivity with this post!

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Influenced by Ami-chan's idea for this topic, I also decided to go with a list of the gaijin gals that heavily influenced me. Taking everyone back as far as the more popular days of blogging. This list is a mix of people that I learned from since then. I discovered more about gyaru because of them and they helped me form the gal that I am today.

Now, there are a few that no longer blog or have moved away from gyaru. But they will always be a part of my memories. And I use the things I learned to help others.

(insta: @ amii.iman | blog:
One of the sweetest gals I know and so happy to call my friend. She is amazing with her eye makeup and looks outstanding no matter the substyle she tries. One of the biggest influences to me, especially in the makeup area!

(insta: @ hellolizziebee | blog:
I have to say Lizzie is one of the reasons why I got into Gyaru a long time ago. I found her blog when she was very much into agejo and I became so in love with gal. With the bright colors and different types of fashion. Plus she always gave tips on how to be gal without needing expensive brand!

(insta: @ ebunnybee)
Ebony is one of two people that got me so obsessed with Liz Lisa and Himekaji in general. She always posts such sweet looks. She reminds me of the LL shop girls! And she has a beautiful voice too~

(insta: @ _emiii_chan | blog:
The QUEEN of Liz Lisa! She is my go to for any info on the famous Himekaji brand. She's so sweet and always answers any questions. I love her blog posts and how detailed they are. She is literally a Liz Lisa catalog xD She shows so many different coord ideas with each piece which is EXTREMELY helpful!

(insta: @ georgie_piyo | blog (dead):
Georgie is my amekaji muse. I had been reading her blog for a long time and always appreciated the details and ootd. Even though now she only blogs through her FB page and posts her ootd on her insta, I still look up to her for inspiration!

(insta: @ noyraspberry)
I sometimes feel like Noy and I are very similar. We both love to try all kinds of gal styles. I can never choose which of her looks I love best. And it's always fun to see what she'll do with her hair next. I love coloring my hair too!

(insta: @ mayuminnielove)
Mayu is a onee goddess. Her make and outfits are always on point - no matter the event. I also love her Insta lives. She's always so sweet and is herself even on camera.

(insta: @ himeamora | yt: himehimestar)
Such an amazing gal!♥ She is my gyaru sensei and has a really informative YT channel! I am so grateful to her and her wealth of information and inspiration! She's so very helpful and really guided me on how to be a better gyaru. 

☆Sari Melody☆
(insta: @ sarimelody | blog (dead):
A favorite hime style gyaru blogger of mine! She's more onee now and doesn't blog anymore but is still active on  her Insta. I used to love reading about her outings and seeing her different coords. Her blog is still around if you would like to read!

(insta: @ rosie_os | blog (dead): | yt: rosieoscereal)
A spanish blogger turned vlogger, Rosie is such a cutie! Her original blog was mostly in spanish and featured her kawaii life. She continued on doing so for YT, but has become more himekaji or larme kei. But still looks just as beautiful. Check out her channel!

(insta: @ nino_nomz | blog (dead):
Another blogger cutie. Nino was definitely one of my top favorites when it came to gal bloggers. Her eye make was always so strong, her hair always so beautiful and full and I loved her coords. She always had such fun and amazing looks especially in MA*RS. Her style has changed but she is active on her Insta and still looks amazing.

(insta: @ suiclown | blog (dead):
I always loved reading about her life and how much stuff she got to do. Her styles were always so pretty. I was a huge fan of hers when she was hime all the way till she dressed like Miwako from Parakiss. But eventually, she stopped blogging and our preferences differed too much. So after a while, I even stopped following her Insta. She still posts on it from what I understand but mostly in costume. Princess Sui will always be in my memories and if I ever get to dress hime, I will look to her for inspiration!

Wow, that list was a lot longer than I thought it would be. XD But I hope you all enjoyed it. And if you like some of the gals I talked about here, be sure to follow them on their social media!

Who was your favorite gyaru that influenced you?

That's all for now! See you next time!


  1. I'm sobbiiiinggg you're so sweet, so kind and special to me 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。 seriously I love you ♥ and I agree with you 100% with the rest of this list!! All of these Gals are so cool~ Thank you again!
    - Amiman♥


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