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Anime Watch: New Series ☆Mitsuboshi Colors☆

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Hope everyone has been having a lovely week! I have been nonstop with these blog posts. So much that I have a whole queue waiting to be completed and posted! Yay!

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Today is going to be about another new series that started up this month. (I still have one more to write my review on for you Dx ) I actually already started watching it and thought I should do a review on this one too. Cause...why not?

I will also be changing up how I do my review/recap on each episode of these newer series. I think I'll do a whole recap for just the first episode while giving my feelings on it. From then on, it will be more like reviews until the end of the anime with a final big review with my overall score. That will also lighten the load for me. Because after doing the first couple of episodes for both Cardcaptor Sakura: CC and Citrus...I'm exhausted.

Quick Synopsis (from My Anime List)
The "Colors" are three cute little girls who hang out together and say they're protecting the peace of their city. They have lots of fun together, doing stuff like playing games, solving puzzles, and going to the zoo. This anime follows their largely happy daily life.

Colors is actually based on a very loved manga about the same little girls. Sadly, I have not read it at all but I'm already enjoying the series with this first episode. One thing to note is that each new little "case" seems to be in different segments so there can be multiple in one episode. It reminded me a lot of Azumanga Daioh with each episode having several mini skits due to the manga originally being a 4-panel format.

As soon as the episode starts, we see someone is running through the town. The world building already starts with gorgeous colors and a very soothing atmosphere. We don't get to see her face and all of a sudden the OP starts.

Can I say how much I love this OP?

Apparently that little girl is still running and we see that she's going to a little clubhouse where there are two more little girls. She bursts in saying that there's trouble! Sacchan, the blonde, who seems to like potty humor asks if it's poop. XD

We find out that the brown-haired girl is Yui and the one that hasn't looked up from her videogame is called Kotoha. (Memories of Lucky Star anyone?) Poor Yui is trying to explain that there's a cat that looks like a panda. (That's trouble?) Sacchan is in disbelief and reminds Yui that the Colors are supposed to protect the town from real danger. She also questions why their leader can't get better cases for them. But when Yui draws this panda cat thing, it looks like a monster and suddenly the case becomes real.

The girls run over to their police friend Saitou and ask for more information. He immediately tells them that it's cheating to ask him for help. I love the fact that each girl is so different in personality. Sacchan is definitely the go-getter. Kotoha only cares about her videogames unless it involves violence. And poor Yui is super sensitive and will cry from just about anything.

Saitou sees her visibly upset and gives them "valuable information" that there has been a cat that looks like a panda going around and stealing things. They immediately go into town to try to find their "cat burgler".

Colors run into Daigorou, a very loud and funny older man that runs a shop, who just got some new funny glasses. The girls realize it's the same glasses that they found earlier in their hideout. They put together the cat must have stolen a pair of these and brought it to their place. Using this knowledge, they go back to their base and catch the cat! And it really does look kind of scary...not scary like Yui's drawing though. XD

Saitou suggests they keep him and allow him to live at their base. Which they are very happy about. They even name him Colonel Monochrome! Which I think is a lot more imaginative than what I thought they were going to name him...something like Panda...

The next day, the girls are looking around in Daigorou's shop and Yui says she wants to get the Colonel something. They somehow leave the store with a rocket launcher?! They aim it (it takes all 3 of them to hold it) at Saitou and say he has become too corrupt. I love their imagination. It actually kinda reminds me of Rugrats and the adventures they imagine themselves going on.

The launcher unfortunately doesn't fire and the girls are upset thinking they were sold a fake. But Saitou points out that there's a safety and pretends to turn the table on them as he thinks it's a fake as well. He doesn't know 100% if the old man would really sell them a working weapon or not.(That actually kinda worries me...) Sacchan announces that she can catch the missile like people stop swords in movies. And before Saitou can "fire" the launcher, Sacchan calls for a strategy meeting but really they try to escape. He presses the trigger and it actually releases the rocket to everyone's surprise and even more surprising, Sacchan catches it. Kotoha tells her to throw it back at him as it should explode from impact. It doesn't explode but it does have a direct hit on a certain area! Poor Saitou!

The next day, Yui sends away mail for a food bowl for the Colonel. Sacchan runs over saying that there's a new puzzle for the Colors. Daigorou and Saitou apparently have a safe that cannot be opened. And it looks like a job for the Colors!

The old man gives them a clue on how to open it. He tells them if they can solve it, they can have the treasure. Saitou tries in his own way to open it, wanting to know what's inside it for himself.

I won't even go into details on what the girls do to try to solve the riddle. It's just too funny.

The girls eventually realize the riddle was talking about the panda mailbox and the code was hidden underneath it. It works and there's a food bowl inside the safe! Turns out this was a whole case set up by Daigorou after seeing the girls in his shop looking for a food bowl. How adorable is that!

I am in absolute love with this series already. It reminds me a lot of Umaru-chan, Azumanga Daioh and other comedic slice of life series. If you love cute girls doing cute things and lots of silly and lighthearted humor, you will definitely love this series.

That's all for now! See you next time!

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