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Anime Watch: ☆Citrus Ep 2 Recap/Review☆

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So this recap will probably be a few days late but hopefully in before Ep 3 comes out ^^;

The second episode begins with an angry Yuzu shopping with her mom and Mei. She's so upset by how much her mom is doting on Mei that she doesn't realize she's about to fall into a fountain! Of course, she notices too late and falls in but not before latching onto Mei, taking her with her.

They're finally back home and rush to take a shower. Yuzu finds herself staring intently at Mei until she actually heads over to her and tries to kiss her again! This only freaks Yuzu out again and she separates herself from Mei, only even more confused. She's never been in a relationship before and when she would enter one, it was supposed to be with the guy of her dreams. But everything this girl is doing is too fast and Yuzu isn't ready. A gal puts her all into everything, including romance. So if the romance isn't there, then is it truly love?

The next morning, Yuzu asks her gyaru friend Harumi if the girls of the school fool around even if they're not in love. She explains that it's basically to act out fantasies before they get married once they, I guess? Although, doesn't that make it more complicated if they end up falling for the person they're fooling with now or that the fiance finds out?

As they're about to enter the school, they realize that the chairman, Mei's grandfather, is at the gate. Yuzu thinks that now they are family, that he will act grandfatherly to her as well. Instead, he acts cold and yells at Mei for allowing Yuzu to act and dress the way she does. This only gets the proud gyaru upset and she yells back with name-calling. Thus, getting her and Harumi removed from the school grounds.

But no way is that gonna' stop a couple of gals. As they sneak back in, they find the teacher that Mei kissed, Amamiya, is talking to someone on the phone in a pretty intimate manner. It's revealed that he's just leading her along until he can cash in on the family fortune!

This upsets Yuzu and when they return home, she tries to warn Mei about what she learned. Thinking she's doing the right thing, she does her best to be there for her. Mei only responds coldly and says she already knows and warns Yuzu to not interfere. This is a heartbreaking moment for me. It's as if Mei has been used for so long for status, that she's just a soulless doll now. To her it's more tolerable to not care and just let things happen. 

During the school announcements the next morning, Yuzu steals the stage and starts telling the entire school Amamiya forced himself on Mei and she's also a granddaughter of the school chairman. She doesn't see any repercussion for her actions until she returns home, though. Her mom is in tears telling her daughter that Mei was taken to live with her grandfather. You can see how much Yuzu cares for her mother and even narrates how much she does for her.

Yuzu feels really bad and tries to make things right by trying to talk some sense into Mei at school. She's instantly treated like a stranger because the chairman told her not to interact with Yuzu anymore. Rumors fly around school about Yuzu, making her feel even worse. Man....I don't miss high school at all.

One evening, Yuzu realizes that Mei had left some of her things behind and decides to pay her a visit, whether she wants to listen to her or not. Things go south quickly when Yuzu confronts Mei about not going back to live with her and her mother. The chairman walks in and expels her on the spot.

The next day, Yuzu goes out shopping with Harumi and tells her about her issues. Talking to her actually makes a breakthrough for her and she realizes what all of these feelings are. And what she really needs to do.

This time, we actually see a little more character development for Mei. She's not just the perfect student council president but she's a scared girl with dark secrets. It feels like she's been reaching for help for a while. But what kind of help can you get from the people that just see you as the perfect student? Did she meet Yuzu for a reason? Will she save her?

That's all for now! See you next time!

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