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Kawaii Review: Using Tenshi Shop for my First and Last Order from Swimmer

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

For the first time in a long time, I have a review for you!

Today's Kawaii Review is shopping with
Tenshi Shop!

I'm sure many of you know the very sad news that after about 30 years, Swimmer is closing up shop. (Seriously, what's up with all these companies closing  ) I'm even more depressed because I had never bought anything from them before. A lot of us figured with a company that has been around for that long, they'll be around for a while more. But sadly this was not the case. I have heard that rather increase their prices, Swimmer decided to close. Whatever the reason is, we are truly grateful for their super kawaii merch and what they've done for the kawaii community.

I took the opportunity to try to get some of their stuff before I couldn't anymore. That's when I decided to try Tenshi's shopping service. Their shop has been recommended many times for all kinds of stores. Especially Swimmer.

On the website, you can choose whether to order as a guest or make an account. I was anxious about how many items I could try to get so I just used a guest account. You can also specify if you want something through online shopping, an auction site or in-store. Which I think is really nice since not many sites offer all of that.

Whatever you choose, you fill out a form for your request. I was notified almost immediately about my order and paid. Once everything was settled, we just had to wait for Swimmer to send out my items. Tenshi let me know as soon as my items came through. Most of the waiting was done on Swimmer's part - probably because of everyone trying to buy their goods. Then after paying for the shipment, my package was sent on its way to me!

In less than a week, this beautiful box arrived at my doorstep!

Here is the view I'm welcomed with as soon as I opened it. Everything is neatly packaged with tons of bubble wrap and even a sweet note from Tenshi!

Let's check out what I got!

✩Strawberry Calculator
ラブリー電卓 イチゴRD
A sweet and simple calculator with strawberries. Sometimes I can't use the calculator on my phone or computer so this is good to have when I need. It actually came with a battery already in it with some power. I love how the buttons are colored like the strawberries!

✩Alice In Wonderland Tumbler
メルヘンホイップタンブラー アリスBL
I had my eye on this for a while since I saw a friend with it. I love Alice in Wonderland and how it looks like a dessert! It comes with its own straw and you can use it for hot and cold drinks!

✩Vintage Style Cookie Clock
ツインベルクロック クッキー
In all of my life, I never had one of those old style clocks with ringing bells. And Swimmer just happened to have a few with very cute designs. This one is the cookie one. It requires one double A battery...which I have to buy ^^;

✩Mint Jewelry Box
パールジュエリーボックス ミント
These little boxes totally remind me of magical girl items! It has a lot of magical designs on it including this pretty jeweled bow at the top. 

It's just a simple case with a lid but it's sparkly and adds such cuteness to any room.

✩Mint Star Canister
スターキャニスター ミント
Another mint-colored item that I couldn't pass on. (Can you tell I love the color lol) The canister itself is decorated with stars and glitter. 

You actually use the cute little star as a handle to remove and replace the top. Right now, I have snacks in it XD

✩Twinkle Moon Box
きらきらプラBOX ムーンBL
This box is slightly smaller than the star canister but bigger than the jewelry box. So it's a nice in-between size for different odds and ends. I chose the one with the moon design. It's so pretty and looks like something from Sailor Moon! 

You can pull the lid off with the jewel handle.

✩Heart Ribbon Mirror
ハートリボンミラー L/ライトブルー
I have been looking for a mirror that was big enough and could stand on its own while I put on makeup and fix my hair. This is Swimmer's largest size and you can really see a lot! The front is decorated with a jeweled ribbon and the Swimmer logo. 

It actually folds closed like a book and you can make it stand on its own or hold it.

✩Classical Alice Clock
クラシックアリスクロック ピンク
Does anyone remember having a large over-sized wristwatch or pocket watch as their clock on the wall? I do! And this clock totally reminded me of the one I used to have. This one is more kawaii of course XD Another piece that I have to get a battery for ^^;

✩Alice in Wonderland Cutlery Set
ロマンチックカトラリー セット/アリスPK
There are lots of times when I go to work and there's never any forks and/or spoons so I don't have many options for lunch. This is a great set to solve my problem! You get a set of chopsticks, fork and spoon all in this cute little carrying case. Eventually, I hope to find a cute lunch box to use with it!

✩Candy Color Pens in Yellow and Orange
キャンディカラーペン キャンディ(イエロー)
キャンディカラーペン アメウサOR
And finally, I bought two markers that look like candy! Before seeing them in person, I thought they were regular pens. But the designs were just too cute that it didn't matter that they weren't. The orange one has bunnies and balloons while the yellow one has candy (fruit slices?) and stars.

✩Review Summary

Contact: 10/10
Even with all of the craziness of people trying to get what they can from the site, Tenshi kept constant contact with me. I never felt worried that I couldn't get my order. I was notified with every step of the transaction with kindness and patience. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner too.

Price: 10/10
Even though I love to use From Japan for a lot of my shopping, sometimes I feel like I'm paying a little too much for just a few things. Tenshi does have a fee but I feel it's a lot better than a lot of the other shopping services out there. They are kind and if there is an issue with trying to get something, they are willing to work with you and they always do the best they can. They also help you with the best shipping option! I really appreciated that.

Shipping: 10/10
When my items were sent to me, it was incredibly fast! I don't even think it was a whole week between when it was sent and when it arrived. This was the first time I made an order with heavier weight so I was a little surprised by the cost. But that's because Japan ships by weight. It was more important that everything arrived safely and quickly. And it did.

Quality: 10/10
Official items from Swimmer so everything was great quality. No doubts here!

Comfort: 10/10
Everything was very easy to use and just as easy to figure out.

Overall: 10
I am VERY happy with my whole experience. Tenshi is a wonderful shopping service and there are so many sites/stores you can request their service from. I also love that I was able to use a guest account for my situation. It probably would have taken time to set up my account and I might have missed out on some items. But it all worked out and after this experience, I will definitely make an account. I can't wait to use their shopping service again!

Thank you so much, Tenshi!

That's all for now! See you next time!


  1. oh my gosh! Everything you got is super cute! I really like the Alice in Wonderland stuff since I really like Alice lol :D Sad Swimmer is closing but I'm glad you got all these cute goodies.

    1. Awww Thank you! I love Alice too X3
      I had to get at least a few items cause as I said in my post, I had never bought Swimmer before but always wanted to. So I'm glad I did!


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