Friday, July 28, 2017

Kawaii Review: Sankill on Amazon #2

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Today, I'm excited to bring you another Kawaii Review from

Sankill Shop on Amazon

Let's see what I got!

Just like last time, my parcel arrived quickly and safely in the mail!

Inside, my item is protected with a sealed plastic baggie and...

Here it is!

Sankill Women's Striped Tankini Skirt

Isn't this adorable?
It's a two piece tankini with a skirt attached to the bottom.

The skirt is NOT detachable!

It's made entirely out of a very soft and stretchy material. The top can also be adjusted by the string ties on the sides.

My favorite part is that there are cups inside but can be removed through the tiny pocket as shown here.

I wanted to continue experimenting with my wig collection so today's coord will be inspired by one of my favorite Fairy Tail characters - Wendy! I can totally see her in this! Maybe I can do a beach cosplay with this :D

I love how the top looks like a regular shirt so it looks like you're wearing an overlay style of two tank tops. But just like the skirt, the striped part is connected and cannot be removed!

✩Review Summary

Contact: 10/10
As always, excellent customer service!

Price: 10/10
Great quality piece with a great price!

Shipping: 10/10
Very fast, inexpensive and item arrived safely.

Quality: 10/10
The material is lightweight and very good quality.

Comfort: 10/10
I ordered this in a Medium and it fits perfectly. Definitely pay attention to the size chart so you get the right size!

Overall: 10
This is now my second order from this shop and it was a very pleasant experience. They are very helpful and items are just as described. I definitely recommend them!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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