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Gyaru in Anime and Manga Part 2

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Gyaru in Anime and Manga Part 2

The next set of series are more of a mixed bag. These gals have their good moments but also fall under the bad rep that gyaru get. Some will have a purpose to another character's development or exist (at least for a little while) as a problem story wise. 

Gokinjo Monogatari
Anime and Manga
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I'm only adding this one to the list because I feel that Mariko is a Gyaru. She is very stylish and seems to be into onee style. She definitely has the nails and makeup. But she was also made out to have had many relationships, spoiled and partied a lot. Which are some of the stereotypes that many people have for Gyaru. But as the series progresses, you find out why she lived this lifestyle.

Galism: Renai Joutou 3 Shimai
I really wanted to like this one. It's about three sisters who are all well-known gals but are trying to make a new life at their high school. But later on, they find out that their parents left them with some major debt. And to pay it off, they basically need to become Charlie's Angels of their school. 

The youngest sister did her best to be a model student so she wouldn't be like her older sisters. One was actually part of a girl gang while the other was a super party girl. I love the different styles of the gals but that's about it. Sadly, I couldn't finish this series because it became your typical shoujo romance with the same formula. Girl has plans for what she wants to do. Plans go out the window when guy is involved. Girl somehow ends up in love triangle. ...You see where this is going? Other than the girls' looks being gal, there wasn't much else to them and to me it got boring.

H³ School
There seems to be quite a number of gyaru in high school shoujo drama series... This series is about Hanabi, the #1 tomboy at her all girl school that's about to change. The school will now be co-ed. So of course that means now is the time to hunt down a boyfriend! I really wanted to like this series because the creator also made "Punch!" and I love that manga. But I just fell out of love with Hanabi and her inability to choose who she wants to go out with. This one also followed the same overly-used formula for most shoujo dramas and in a way was stereotypical about how gyaru are when it comes to guys. Hanabi never really improved, thought about the consequences and got involved with almost every guy she came in contact with...

Special Mentions

Kimi ni Todoke
Anime and Manga

The other possible character from this series would be Kurumi. She definitely could pass off as being into himekaji. Her hairstyle is also very popular with those in the fashion. She isn't as nice as Ayane and actually tries to hurt Miwako. So sometimes you will run into a bad gal just like in real life. Though it did contribute to Sawako's character development. It actually gave her a rude awakening of what would happen if she didn't do anything about her issues. You find out why she's so mean later on in the series (but really doesn't excuse her at all!).

High School Debut

Another series that didn't feature gals but I believe one of the characters was one. This series was about Haruna's "high school debut" as a new woman. She was always about school and sports in middle school and now was the time to be like her romance manga heroines and blossom and fall in love. She seeks out help from Yoh and his sister, Asami, who dresses very much like himekaji style. (Why are some of the mean characters into himekaji?!)  She's even to be described as a doll. Which is a very common description for those in the substyle. But she's not that sweet and tends to hurt Haruna because she can. You feel bad for her but in a way, Asami does help her development.

So this list actually showed gyaru in a more real life setting where you can have good and bad people. They weren't all very much into the gal look as they just were hinted at. With the exception of Gokinjo and Galism, which were created much earlier, the other works could be seen as coinciding with the decline of Gyaru, or at least its popularity. 

The other thing I would like to note is that I do like how Kimi ni Todoke and High School Debut do play a bit around with appearances. You know the saying "Appearances can be deceiving"? It just goes to show you that not all good and bad people look like how you'd imagine. Kind of like a rose and its thorns...

What do you think?

Stay tuned for Part 3!
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