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Gyaru in Anime and Manga Part 1

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Today I'd like to do something different. As you know, I've been getting back into anime and manga, trying out new and old series that I never got to see. Also now being a Gyaru, I try to find series that are about the fashion and lifestyle or at least have a gal character.

I've collected all of the series that I have read or watched so far and put them into three different lists.

Gyaru in Anime and Manga Part 1

The first list is made of series that don't put Gyaru down. They're not shown with negative stereotypes and are just kind-hearted people. Some may be misunderstood by how they speak and/or act but their heart is in the right place. You can also tell that their intended audience are actual gals and gal lovers (or just kick ass strong female characters). So there are lots of elements of fashion, makeup and all things gal.

Super GALs
Anime and Manga
This is a no-brainer. Super GALs was a fun series from the 90s (the first wave of Gyaru in Japan) that was about three great friends: Ran, Aya and Miyu. Each girl came from different scenarios but they all loved Gal life. It had two seasons filled with lots of trendy fashion, good fun with their friends, protecting Shibuya and even some adult situations. This was definitely a story about Gal life back then!

Just like Super GALs, this series featured a Gal trying to serve justice while also being gyaru. Ririko has been crushing on Nii for a long time. But he's a by the book policeman and doesn't really like Gyaru. He believes the negative stereotypes that other people have placed on gyaru. So, because she loves him so much, she puts on a "costume" when she meets with him but goes right back to who she really is after. Oh, and solve cases too XD

I will admit, it did get frustrating to see Ririko go through this just to impress him. But as the story went on, she learned to embrace who she really is. It's that epiphany moment that becomes really inspiring.The art and style are also amazing. You can even use the manga as inspo! 

Peach Girl
Anime and Manga
Another 90s love for me! It was actually because of the first book's cover that attracted me to it XD
This series follows the life of Momo who is just trying to get through school and win the heart of her crush. But her so-called "best friend" Sae can never let her just be happy and causes nothing but drama for her. Luckily, the hottest guy in school Kiley is there to help her out ...which also kind of makes trouble for Momo too.... It was my first taste of high school drama series and I loved every minute of it.

Another aspect that made me love the story is that Momo encountered so many problems because of her tanned skin. All of the rumors that spread about the school were just that. Rumors. She had a lot more downs than ups but Momo stayed strong. It really helped me a lot when I read it the first time. It's definitely a must-read or see!

Bijinzaka Private Girls High School
Nonomiya is Gal through and through. Which leads her father to believe she's just a reckless teen that needs reprimanding. So he sends her to an all-girls school where he hopes will change her ways. But that only makes her want to fight even more. Especially since the school punishes anyone that doesn't follow rules. I loved this series because it actually features a strong female lead who doesn't depend on a guy - just some good ol' high school shoujo drama. She's just trying to stand up for things she believes in. It actually inspired me quite a bit and I'm sure it will for you too!

Another shoujo high school romance drama about a girl named Otome. She wants to find love but it's hard to do when she has her three guy childhood friends always with her. And one of them wants to take over the school like some sort of biker gang. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was funny and Otome is a genuine character. It wasn't about lust or physical things. It was about finding what she deserved in life. Definitely a good read if you haven't checked it out yet.

Kimi ni Todoke
Anime and Manga
This series wasn't about Gyaru but had one (maybe two) character that was! One of Miwako's closest friends, Ayane! She definitely has the look with her makeup, lashes and even how she dresses outside of school. I love her as a character. She is the mature one out of the group, always ready to protect her friends and give them sage advice. But unfortunately in their school, other students spread horrible rumors about her having been with many guys. Again, being misunderstood because of how she looks and acts. But she is a sincere character and will only cause trouble if anyone messes with her friends.

Special Mention
Michiko to Hatchin
If you'd like to know more about this series, check out my review here.
I put this series under a special mention because it could just be me wanting them to be some kind of gyaru. 

But there are a few females in this show that could be:

They're all very powerful women in their own respect who had to do what they needed to for survival. And they each look like a different type of gal. They each have very strong beliefs and act as they see fit. Though it might not appeal to other people...

And tell me it doesn't look like Michiko shops from D.I.A. XD

I'd just like to note that a lot of these series are older - closer to the 90s beginning and golden age of Gyaru. I guess a lot of people seemed to respect gals because they were more in the public eye? I'm going to leave my final thoughts in the last part of this series so I won't say anything just yet.

But what do you think? 

That's all for now! See you next time!


  1. Interesting post. I really want to check out some of these - I haven't read a manga in ages... but I should really get back into it - I'll have to check these out and get back into it.

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And don't worry, I still have more series to bring in so please keep an eye out! ^-^


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