Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Recent Gets from Ageha Gyaru Shop

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Finally getting back on the blogging train. During the last few weeks, I made a couple of purchases from one of my favorite shops - Ageha Gyaru Shop
(See my previous reviews here: Review 1 and Review 2)

While I love Liz Lisa pieces, I want to experiment in other Gyaru styles. And since both of my recent orders were from the same brand, I decided to put it all here.


D.I.A. - one of the major brands in the kurogyaru and ora ora communities have some of my favorite styles and prints from the old days. While they're not floral and pastel like Liz Lisa, they have colorful and very graphic prints.

The first set I got is for summer with two halter tops and a tank top.


 The back of the blue is one of my favorite details. It has all different straps in a criss-cross like pattern and decorative buckles. It also has a zipper which is actually functional!

The second set is more of a winter collection. Four out of the five that I got were long-sleeved sweater material. Very snuggly and sexy! Now I just hope I can do the right hairstyles...

The last one (with the skull) is actually more of a light knit summery top. It matches more with the first set. XD


The back of the white top actually has a cutout with rings. I think this is actually one of my favorite tops! It can be worn over another shirt or just as is when my tummy is flattened...

Wish me luck! XD

If there are any that you'd like to see a photo of, let me know :D

That's all for now! See you next time!


  1. OMG everything is so fabulous and cute! I've wanted d.i.a clothes for years. I definitely have to check them out. I'm going to go read your other reviews now!
    - Amiman ♥

    1. Thank you! You definitely should! This shop has amazing pieces for great prices <3 Hope you like those too :D

  2. The sweaters are all so cute! I don't have much for cute winter wear (/ω\)

    The blue top with the ribbon back is really unique as well!


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