Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kinokuniya Trip and Gets! (PIC HEAVY)

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Yesterday, I decided to make a quick trip to the Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya. It's a great place if you're into kawaii culture, Japan and anime/manga. It was my go-to place while EGG magazine (RIP) was still in production. But since then, it's where I go to for Popteen, manga and other goodies.

As usual, I dressed up for my little outing.

Outfit Rundown
Hoodie: Angelic Pretty x Sanrio Wish Me Mell collab
Top: F21
Pants: Offbrand
Shoes: DreamV/Yumetenbo
Earrings: Hikari wo Sagasu

Right across the street, Bryant Park still had their winter activities and stalls and I saw this! It looked like a little place to play some carnival style games!

I went into the bookstore to look for the latest Popteen. I saw it on Insta and fell in love with the cover.
Liz Lisa!!!!

In the basement floor, you'll find all of the books and magazines in Japanese as well as some stationary and cute plushies. There's also TONS of supplies for different crafts! For some reason, I was hoping to be surprised with a new issue of EGG...wishful thinking huh....

So many cute Sumikko Gurrashi items!!!!

Looks like felting is still very popular!

On the main floor, you'll find all of the books in English and some cute items....

Upstairs is Otaku heaven!
There's a little cafe where you can get Japanese meals and snacks. Here you'll also find plenty of merch from different series - even Marvel and DC! And of course all manga in both English and Japanese.

So much Totoro goodness!!!

Lots of blind boxes and gorgeous figures but they cost quite a bit!

How adorable is this Sonico?!

Any Jojo fans?

Omg a My Melody dressed as Amy from Sonic!!!

I was so tempted to finally complete my Kieli book series but I'm still not ready!

I didn't actually stay long this time....

I decided to get Popteen and the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary book!

I'm so happy finally owning this gorgeous book. I hear that there will another one released this year for the 25th anniversary! I hope to get that one as well!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. This place looks like heaven! (but hell for my wallet) lol That's so cool you have a local store to buy stuff like gal magazines~ The popteen cover looks adorable!
    - Amiman ♥


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