Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Spotlight: Fat Rabbit Farm

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

I am so excited to introduce all you buns to a couple of dear friends of mine - Patty and Jason! They are the awesome owners of

"Fat Rabbit Farm is a magical, floating kingdom inhabited by spontaneous and adventurous friends, including a fluffy bunny obsessed with sweet treats, a pirate bunny looking for the next thrill, a quiet but brave little turtle, and a vegetable yelling hybrid yeti bunny. The farm is full of surprises, where a few places are known, and most are still yet to be discovered." 

Can You Push Me? Women’s T-shirt by Fat Rabbit Farm

Inspired by their adorable bunnies, Babee and Blanket, this awesome artist duo started Fat Rabbit Farm. They create characters and whole worlds with their amazing talent and love for bunnies.

FRF is nothing but fun and happiness for all ages. There are books, stickers, shirts, dresses and so much more. And if you're into nerdy stuff like Marvel and Star Wars, you can see characters like Babee dressed up as Thor or Boba Fett XD

God of Thunder StickABun Vinyl Sticker by Fat Rabbit Farm

You can order from the online store or spot them at conventions. If you have questions about some of their apparel, they are very helpful.

Here are some of their latest designs!

Sweetest Rain Women’s V-Neck T-shirt by Fat Rabbit Farm

Ninja Attack Women’s Tank Top by Fat Rabbit Farm

5x7 Babee Fett Art Print by Fat Rabbit Farm

5x7 Wookie Babee Art Print by Fat Rabbit Farm

5x7 Minion Babee Art Print by Fat Rabbit Farm

If you love adorable things, funny things, nerdy things and bunnies, you should definitely check out Fat Rabbit Farm!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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