Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kawaii Review: Born Pretty Store {Sponsored}

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

The Born Pretty Store has been very kind to me and sent me more items to review for you all! I'm so excited to show you what I picked! Let's get started!

My package arrived in this bubble mailer, safe and sound.

Inside, my items were carefully packaged in this wrapping, all secured with tape. So nothing got out.

Here are my items! Each were individually wrapped. I'm really happy with how careful my orders are packaged. Not a single piece was damaged.

Here you can see all of them better. First item up!

5pcs/set Cute Hair Clip - 0.99$
This adorable hair clip set comes in a collection of 5, randomly selected pieces for maximum level of kawaii. You'll get clips like fruit, desserts, fries, etc.

I got a watermelon slice, bear cookie, bananas (how did they know my favorite fruits?!), choco mushroom and an ice cream cone. They're finished with simple pins so only the cabochons are noticeable. I think they did a great job picking pieces that are actually my favorite!

Stylish Seashell Ring - 2.35$
This sweet ring comes in two colors, gold and silver. I chose the gold one. It's one size but still small enough to fit me! Which is surprising because my fingers are long and skinny. XD

It's a decent size clam with a faux pearl. I'm actually going cruelty-free with all of my makeup and accessories so I won't get anything with a real pearl. It's horrible to the poor animal. This way, I still get a really nice piece of jewelry and not hurt anything at the same time.

Cute Mink Hair Earrings - 2.17$
Fashions like Larme Kei are really into the soft and fluffy look for accessories. Even though I really don't dress in that fashion, I do love these fluffy earrings.

At the Born Pretty Store, you can choose different color fluffs! They come in Black, White, Beige and Dark Red. I chose the white. It will work for most of my light colored coords~

Rhinestone Skinny Bracelet - 4.02$
I love this bracelet though it was the only one that I was a little confused about. I had chosen the pink, which looks like a pure bright pink in the photo. But as you can see, it's more on the champagne side. Not that I mind! It reminds me very much of Sailor Venus ♥

Stock photo for reference~

I still think it's a beautiful bracelet. It's perfect for Roma and Hime/kaji Gyaru fashions. Very feminine! The other colors available are Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue, and White.

Worn Photo Spam~!
Complete with the beautiful necklace I also got from Born Pretty Store.
Check out the review here!

Kieli's Rating (out of 5)
Overall Rating

The Born Pretty Store is always a pleasure to work with! They are super sweet and always in constant communication with me. The prices are awesome. And you get great quality! Shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE. Do not pass this up! No matter how much you get, it's FREE! All of my items are easy and comfortable to wear. I have sensitive skin and nothing happened to me while wearing everything all day.

Born Pretty Store is a great place to get your kawaii fix. I love their stuff and working with them. I can highly recommend them!

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Hope you liked my review!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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