Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kawaii Review: DreamV Order

Hello Hello, Lil Buns! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty uneventful but I do have a new (old) review for you. XD I made this purchase last winter and finally got around to writing the review.

If you're Gyaru or into Hime/kaji style, you've probably heard of the awesome brand DreamV (Dear My Love) aka Yumetenbo. You can find the online shop on both the Japanese and Global sites of Rakuten. There used to be a lot more different styles on the shop but it feels like the brand is mostly concentrating on the Hime/kaji style now.

DreamV is a great alternative if you can't get Liz Lisa easily. I actually love using my DreamV pieces with Liz Lisa in my coords!

They're pretty quick with their shipping so it wasn't long after I placed my order that it arrived.

Here is the box that it arrived in. Not a single damage on it!

Peeking inside, my gorgeous Pink Houndstooth coat greets us!

Here are my items out of the box. My coat is securely wrapped to prevent it from getting dirty. My boots came in their own shoe box!

Let's check them out!

Winter was coming up quick and my old Bear Ear coat from DreamV (can you tell I love this brand?) needed a break. And while working in a fabric store, I started falling in love with the Houndstooth print. It looks so great in other colors besides the normal black and white.

Gal Flare Coat in Pink Houndstooth - 30.78$
I LOVE this coat! True to stock photos, it's a baby pink houndstooth. It has a few different looks using the detachable fake fur pieces. The inside has a pink lining.

And because it has a flare at the bottom, it can fit some of the other "poofier" jfashion. The larger fabric-covered buttons are easier to work with in case you have nails! And to complete the look, it has a removable belt.

I've used it for almost every outing I have, unless it's going to work. I don't want it to get dirty. Our winter was mostly mild so it was fine. I can also wear a thick sweater underneath for the colder days. I wouldn't recommend it for temperatures closer to the single digits but it helps if you have a thick sweater or a matching capelet.

Layered frill lace-up short boots - 16.71$
I've seen the original Liz Lisa boots floating around on the internet and fell in love with them. DreamV made their own beautiful version in several colors. I have a few camel/brown pairs of shoes so I went with the pink.

It's an ankle bootie with a small platform in the front. The back is a thicker heel at just a little over 4 inches! But because of the platform and thicker heel, it's easy to walk in them. I think I'd have a problem with a thinner heel XD

I love the frilly detail around the ankle and platform!

Worn Photo Spam~!
(Click the photo to make it bigger!)

Modeling my DreamV booties with the Sailor Moon skirt I got! See the review here~

Kieli's Rating (out of 5)
Overall Rating

At every part of your order, DreamV sends you emails (in Japanese though, so have a translator handy!) to let you know how far it is in processing. The price is always great. Sometimes shipping can be a little scary but there are coupons many times so you can save some money! At the prices, you'd be scared of the quality. But not with this brand. I've had a pair of boots and the Bear Ear coat for several years now and they're still great. Both items are comfortable and easy to put on.

I always have a great shopping experience with DreamV. Like I said, they're a great alternative to more expensive brands. And they're really cute!

Hope you liked my review!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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