Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kawaii Review: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Hello Hello, Lil Buns! 

I have another review for you today. This was my most recent order from Tokyo Otaku Mode!

If you haven't heard of it, it's a great store located in Japan. Not only can you find anime and video game goods, but you can also find kawaii things and even jfashion! They have a great selection of Liz Lisa and other brands.

With all the times I've ordered from them, they're always quick with shipping and protect everything very well! I placed the order on 2/22 and got it 2/26! Fast, right? I guess that's why shipping is a bit expensive though... so keep that in mind when ordering!

Here is the box that my goodies came in. (Minus the shipping label of course)

Inside, I was welcomed with this! Yes, let's enjoy Otaku Life!

It's actually a file folder with art on the other side!
This holds the invoice and any other inserts they add.

Here is a mini poster and sticker I got for free~

And tucked away under the packaging...

My order! I'm so happy! Now that I'm getting more into Liz Lisa, I decided to go back and start getting the mooks with the bags. (Hopefully I can find the first ones with the bags heh heh)

Kyun to Naki Usagi Noichigo Plush (Ran-Chan) - 8.99$
Made by Amuse, these adorable little plushies are perfect to add more kawaii to your bag! There are four designs available and two of them are hamsters! I chose Ran-chan. Isn't she adorable? She has a little strawberry on her head!

I love their little tails and ears! My girls actually have ears like this. X3

Like their cousins, the Pote Usa Lops, there are different sizes and collections. You can see a lot of them on the site!

Kira Kira Girls - 7.79$
A dear friend of mine and I have had our eyes on this artist's books for a while now. But they always sell out so fast. But thankfully, she was on top of the restock so I was able to snag a copy as well! The art is made by illustrator Mog of Mogu Mogu Mori.

The back!

If you love kawaii art and shoujo, this artist is the one for you! All illustration books are beautiful pastel masterpieces of all that is shoujo. It makes me feel so inspired to try to draw and design again! And even make more kawaii accessories for the Rainbow Star Candy Shop~

Liz Lisa 15th Anniversary with My Melody 
(w/ Frill Tote Bag & Pouch) - 13.99$
I was so surprised to be able to snag one of these! A lot of Liz Lisa items disappear quickly on sites as they are posted. I wanted to start collecting these more when I saw this was the 15th anniversary with My Melody. It also didn't help that a lot of Gyaru blogs have posted about some of their collections of these XD

The back!
It's brand new and neatly packed in a plastic sleeve.

Here is the pouch the tote comes in! Each of the (now) 5 mooks come with a tote with a new design. I hope to find the first 4. >_<
If anyone knows of sites to get the mooks with the bags, please let me know!!!

My free tote! And yes, it actually has a little mini change purse with it!

Close up of the tote print.

Isn't My Melody just adorable in Liz Lisa?!

A spread from the mook.
You can still buy the mook on the site if you wanna see more!

Kieli's Rating (out of 5)
Overall Rating

This was my second order from Tokyo Otaku Mode. Both times, I constantly got emails to let me know the status of my order. Prices are just right for what you get. And sometimes there are great sales! Shipping, as I've said before, can be a little high but they make up for it with speed. I live in the US and they're located in Japan. I hardly ever get my orders within the same week when I order from other places overseas! The quality is very high! Especially since everything on the site comes straight from legit vendors and artists. And despite all the text being in Japanese (and I can't read Japanese yet >.< ), everything was straightforward and easy to use.

So overall, it was a great experience! I hope to buy more goodies in the future. Hopefully, next time with a coupon XD

Hope you liked my review!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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