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Vintage Love: Ladybird Likes Review [ 07-15-2012 ]

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well! I have officially decided to bring back my "Sweet Sundays" and "What's in the Box Wednesdays". As you all have seen, I am bringing more stuff to my blog like things I am interested in, things I have done and still continue with my reviews. Since last time was more like a Sweet Sunday post, today will be like a What's in the Box post. Hope that didn't confuse you!

A little while back, I saw that one of my favorite bloggers, who also owns an Etsy shop, called ♥ Ladybird Likes ♥, was getting closer to her 200th sale. Her shop is best known for wooden pieces that she makes into hair clips, brooches and other things. I was the very lucky 200th buyer of one of her gorgeous butterfly necklaces!To celebrate this big event, she included a bunch of other little goodies.

I love the packaging. Anyone that reads her blog will know that she is very much into the vintage style. So when I saw how each item was presented with their own little pouch and a name tag-like card, it made me even more excited than I already was! Presentation is key, guys. It's the first impression you will make. I have to say, Ladybird did that wonderfully!

The first item to be included was this really nice bird brooch. It's a bright pink color but isn't like a neon pink. It's bright enough that it sits perfectly on darker colored clothes. The details are amazing as you can tell which direction the feathers sit. It's actually one of my favorite pieces! I think it's made out of acrylic but I am not sure. But it's sturdy and perfect as a brooch!

My next gift is another brooch. But this time it's actually crocheted cherries! They're super soft and the actual cherries have stuffing in them so they actually look like the real fruit. They sit on a pin and fit anywhere you place them. They're super cute and go very well with my Lolita outfits.

Here we have owl hair pins! They're a very light cream, almost translucent. I think they are also acrylic but I don't work with plastics so I am not sure, myself. If you read this, Ladybird, can you correct me if I'm wrong? xD These birds are also finely detailed and you can even see the big eyes that owls tend to have! They look very puffed up and are sitting on branches. Very cute! 

And now, for the main attraction! This is the necklace I bought - her wooden butterfly necklace series. She has two different sizes. This one is the miniature size (which still has a good size to it!). There are also many different colors and patterns that each butterfly has. I always had my eye on this blue one and finally got it. Each butterfly is a gorgeous image on a beautifully cut wood piece which was cut into the shape and finally hung from a silver chain. I wear it quite often and it can fit with any coord so even if you wanted to wear it for a fancy occasion, it makes a really nice accessory.


I also received a sweet handwritten card from her as well as this neat photo card. I don't think I will ever use it, I love the photo too much! Nature is always peaceful to look at and so inspiring. I will keep it on display in my room so that I may always work hard.

Ordering from her shop is so easy and she's always coming up with new things. If you love vintage, she always has wonderful accessories! I definitely have to get her pin-up girls brooches. Classy and it definitely works with vintage coords. So please check out her shop soon!

Thank you so much, Ladybird Likes! I definitely must order from you again in the future!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

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