Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My First Photoshoot! Alice Discovers Wonderland... { 07-04-2012 }

Hello, everyone! Happy Fourth of July to everyone that celebrates it!

Today, I have exciting things to share with you! This past weekend, my friends and I did our very first photoshoot - and I'm the model! I uploaded them on to my Flickr account: ♥ Kieli's Adventures in Wonderland ♥

I hope you enjoy them! It's my very first time not only being a model but also being in full Lolita so it makes me very happy. I had an opportunity to apply to become a model for a store so what better time than to finally dress up?! (I'll let you guys know what happens with that)

The theme was the model, me, becoming Alice as she discovers Wonderland for the first time. She wakes up and says hello to her very cute bunny collection of dolls. Later on, she gets dressed and goes to the park where she finds the entrance to the magical land. Only when she enters it, she becomes Alice and her clothes change and she's now a Lolita Alice! I really wanted to make a story with my Alice-themed coord so I hope you guys like it!

Here are a few sneak peek photos! Please be sure to visit my Flickr and leave a comment! You could also leave a comment here if you like!


Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~


  1. Yeah I was very lucky indeed XD I love them all
    Oh thank you very much <3 Yeah, Paris had been "djying" for 2 years I guess, but no one knows her as a DJ;.; More like the party princess who spend hours dancing with friends/ spending money XD

    ohh lovely photoshoot *--* Iloved all your coords *-*

    1. Haha I guess all that partying she does do taught her a few skills ;D How is she as a DJ?

      Awww thank you! ♥ Glad to hear you enjoyed my photos! X3

      ~ Kieli ~


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