Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Laser is Mightier Than the Sword: Di Dēpux Review [ 07-19-2012 ]

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry for not posting yesterday - had some things that needed taking care of so I ran out of time after work. But because I like to keep up with my blog as much as possible, I bring you What's in the Box Wednesday....on a Thursday! Ha ha....

Anyhoo, today I am reviewing my purchase from the lovely Despina, owner of ♥ Di Dēpux ♥. This is definitely a woman that knows design and personalization. Her work is so intricate and spans over many different forms - from necklaces to bracelets to even cute brooches. Acrylic and mirror are her canvas and laser cutting is her weapon of choice. What she makes is so pristine and clean, no wonder so many people love her shop so much!

I decided it was time to get one of my own. She's great with communication and will make sure she gets down every detail before she starts to work. I told her what I wanted and she got everything down exactly as how I wanted. I really wanted a word necklace with a symbol. She directed me to exactly which one I needed.

If you look in the photo, you can see it says "Bunny Love" with a heart in the middle! It's in a sweet pink lettering with a white background and a gray mirror heart. The chain is silver and has her notorious tag on it so you never forget where you got this awesome necklace! I am very happy with my order and I even got a free gift!

It's a really pretty black 'B' brooch with little gems embedded in it and a star cut out. I believe it's laser cut acrylic (gotta' love that stuff!). I wonder exactly how people work with acrylic. Despina does such a great job with it!

Here are a couple of bonus model shots with my new necklace (and my bunny doodleband from Paper Cute - watch out for a review in the future on that too ;) )


Overall, my shopping experience was wonderful and harmless. She took me through every step of the way and was very patient. There are so many options, it really is hard to choose exactly what you want. Thank you so much, Despina! I love my necklace and brooch! I will definitely buy again in the future and recommend you to others!

Did you guys also know you could buy some of her stuff through ♥ sassyNpunk Boutique ♥? Definitely check out that shop too for more awesome goodies!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

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