Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Star is Born Again! Sailor Moon's Return! [ 07-08-2012 ]

All Sailor Moon fans have been partying all weekend since the HUGEannouncement this past Friday that was streamed online! Sailor Moon will be back in an all NEWanime which will air WORLDWIDEbeginning Summer 2013! Definitely exciting news!

We all thought it was so strange that everything was kept hush hush, especially since this year marks the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon. We had a few websites say "Happy Anniversary" but no real news was being talked about if they were going to do anything big for such an important date. But it wasn't until Friday, July 6th, 2012 where all Moonie fans around the world that could, jumped onto their computer and logged to the sites that were going to be streaming this event. I mean, it had to be huge news if they were going to record something like this!

What's also very awesome that was revealed, is that a lot of old memorabilia is going to be re-released!No exact news on what that means exactly but for those of us that never really had a chance to collect Sailor Moon goodies because they were too young or they didn't live in Japan - we get a second chance! I can't wait to see what will be released!

I'm hoping we will see a special edition (in MUCH better quality) of the entire Sailor Moon anime. I've been collecting the Sailor Moon manga released by Kodansha but only have both volumes of Sailor V and the first two books of Sailor Moon. I need to get crackin'!Hmmm...I wonder if the re-release of the manga was a clue that something big would happen this year....I wonder.

Anyway, in celebration of this huge event, I have changed all of my sites, including this blog, to Sailor Moon theme! What do you guys think? I designed them myself!

I was just so happy when they said Sailor Moon was making a comeback. For most of us, that anime marks the best times of our childhood. A lot of fans have already begun making their own versions of Sailor Moon goods and they're all very beautiful too! I actually own one and will soon have another (can't wait!).

I also made this Sailor Moon inspired hairclip out of clay! Doesn't it look adorable? I may try to make more Sailor Moon goodies so please stay tuned! (And I know I'm a little late with what I promised but definitely after Otakon, you will see some of my work on Etsy! That will definitely happen!)

I noticed that my blog is mostly of reviews on products. That will definitely change too. I'll be talking more about the stuff I'm interested in so the blog isn't just boring and entirely on reviews.

Take care, everyone and I will post if there are any more updates on Sailor Moon!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

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