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Anime Watch: ☆Mitsuboshi Colors Ep 2+3 Recap/Review☆

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

So sorry about the silence again! Real life got in the way and I got ill. So here's hoping this will get me back on track!

Today, we're going to take a look at Episodes 2 and 3 of Mitsuboshi Colors!

Episode 2

In the first segment, the girls are playing hide and seek. In a very...odd way and for a messed up reason. I have just got to say Yui is too pure and trusting. It hurts cause I know I was just like her when I was younger. I thought everyone was a dear friend and wouldn't abandon me. Now I know better. I've had childhood friends that did exactly what the other girls did to her. But I have no idea how she remains friends with them even after all the teasing and the way they treat her lol.

In the next segment, a clean up project has started and they closed off a lot of streets. Of course, the girls being just kids, don't know to put two and two together and think this means a crime scene or something shady is going on. Only one of the three thinks this is a bad idea. I was so like Yui as a kid xD

And in the final part, Colors try to take part in the project by cleaning up the pond with nabe. I have no idea what happens and somehow the girls think that mankind is saved because they did nothing. I know they're supposed to be young kids but even this makes no sense to me.

I really hope with the next episode, the series will get as good as the first. Because after all those nice things I said about the first one, it's all slowly getting crossed off. But, as I always say, I give each series 3 episodes before I confirm whether to keep watching or not.

So here goes!

Episode 3

This episode was only two segments. The first was an "emergency" from Sacchan's mom. If the stock of bananas weren't sold by the end of the day, then the family would have to eat it for all meals! Even the mom plays along with the girls.

And thanks to each one's different personalities, all were sold. Though I'd have to question some of their techniques. Some of them were pretty devious for such young girls. XD

They did it all for these...strange costumes. Oh well, that's little kids for ya!

In the second segment, the old man gave them a bomb which they had to figure out the clue to diffuse it. So they were looking for a place in the Underground supermarket that sold eyes. Of course, Sacchan being herself, went around asking about poop and somehow came out with a very philosophical point of view....

As it turns out, it had to do with a street sign.

I feel like this episode redeemed the series a little bit for me. Things seem to be a bit more fun when Saitou and the old man are around. It's definitely funny with the addition of the adults. I have grown to like slice of life series but if it were just the kids, I think I'd be very bored and stop watching. So I guess I'll keep watching the series for a bit more.

That's all for now! See you next time!

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