Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Anime Watch: ☆Citrus Ep 3+4 Recap/Review☆

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Today, we're going to take a look at Episodes 3 and 4 of Citrus!

Episode 3

I will admit, I was a little happy that things were finally headed in a better direction for Yuzu. She was able to realize what was happening with her and Mei thanks to Haru. But then, it also seemed to go a little too fast. She was also forgiven by their grandfather. I guess it's true that near death experiences always open your eyes on what's truly worthwhile.

I even thought that Mei would be a little nicer. But both mine and Yuzu's hopes were dashed when she even told her that she wasn't interested in her. Is she that broken from past relationships that this is how she will act now? For Yuzu's sake, I hope not.

I love that little bit of symbolism with the colors of the room.

And I have no clue about schools in Japan, but does the Student Council President really have the right to go through a student's things? Sure, the manga Yuzu had is most likely inappropriate for her age but it was her book. If she's not bringing it out in class or on the school grounds, let's say she accidentally left it in her bag from when she bought it (cause we did see a fashion magazine in there as well), then I don't see anything wrong with her having it on her.

I think if I were in Yuzu's shoes, I'd be just as confused about my feelings too. When you're growing up, especially during your teens, everything is strange and confusing. There's a lot of different opinions being thrown at you from your parents, society, etc. Everything is against what you think you want. So unless your voice is louder, you end up being lost and/or unhappy.

And then there's this girl. Omg, I have no clue what her damage is. But I think Yuzu better watch out for her.

Here's hoping for a better day for our favorite gal in the next episode...

Episode 4

So it looks like Momokino really is going to be trouble. And of course she has to play the "I've known so and so person for years! Since childhood!" card....

Although, unlike other series, this is probably the first time I've ever personally seen the Lolita character as an antagonist in some way. Usually the biker or gyaru are the bad ones. I had no idea she was a Lolita outside of school.

Yet again, we see more revealed in tiny bits of why Mei became so cold. Just what happened to her dad and why did he have to go away? It seems like they were really close.


Just when it seemed like their relationship was on the mend.

I am fighting hard for Yuzu and Mei but every new character other than Haru is making it pretty difficult. There's only 12 episodes planned for the series, so I'm wondering if it will have a happy ending.

Here's hoping!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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