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Anime Watch: ☆CCS:CC Ep 3+4 Recap/Review☆

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Today, we're going to take a look at Episodes 3 and 4 of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card!

Episode 3

In this episode, Sakura was able to catch two cards. I don't even remember her being able to do that in the original series. Maybe this was to show us how much stronger she's gotten since then.

This one did play out more like reminiscing the original series that we love so much. Tomoyo with her love of putting Sakura in her outfits. We finally got to see Sakura use the froggie costume which she looks absolutely adorable in! (If I remember right, this was only revealed as a Tomoyo sketch or one of Sakura's unused costumes in the original series...) Let's not forget remembering the play the class put on when half the cast were boys playing female characters. XD

Even in capturing the first card reminded me of Watery. It did go a little smoother than capturing Watery but Aqua looks amazing!

Another thing I liked about Clear Card is that Sakura is handling a lot by herself. Before she always needed the help of Syaoran or Kero and Yue. But now, she's taking on most of these cards on her own and figuring out how to capture it.

This was definitely apparent when capturing the second card of the episode, Reflect. She was able to use Aqua and its water drops to locate the card and sealed it away. Can I tell you how much I want this new staff?!

I just about died when Syaoran came out to check on her though. He's always cared about her but this is a whole new level of caring for him.

And later on, this guy comes in and forces himself in Sakura's mind. Who are you?!!! I haven't been reading the manga so whether its been revealed or not, I have no idea. But even I'm freaking out.

Episode 4

Remember when Syaoran and Meilin transferred to Tomoeda? It looks like we got another transfer student who has been to a ton of countries. Meet Akiho. She's adorable. And so far she's been very sweet. 

She even got the flower frame when she was introduced!

What a difference in personalities though. Syaoran and Meilin were much more animated and could be loud. But Akiho is the total opposite. It really made me think of how much I miss Meilin!

But at least she's as gullible as Sakura and Syaoran XD

And why does their current teacher remind me of a female version of their old teacher - Mr. Terada?!

The episode goes along pretty normal with the kids just having a regular school day. But there was a scene where Akiho seems to really take a liking to our cardcaptor. Is she going to be another Tomoyo?! Or will there be competition between the two???

Of course, we can't just have a daily life episode. Soon, Sakura notices something strange going on outside the school. Something is suddenly making the trees move! Tomoyo helps her get out of class so they can investigate. This is a nice change from the original series as the cards seemed to be courteous of when Sakura was in school and never really did anything during those hours. 

With the help of Siege and Aqua, Sakura is able to capture her newest card Action. She convenes with Yue and Kero and can only see that the card just moves things. I have to agree with Kero and wonder when would you ever need a car like that... And you can't even blame Clow this time because these aren't his cards anymore!

And why is there no actual power in the cards??? Why are there so many questions already at only four episodes in?!

Another S+S fan gushing moment when Syaoran calls Sakura to check on here yet again. I squealed so much! It really seems their relationship is blossoming. Though, I'm really worried why he only checks on her after the fact when he always used to rush in to help before. And then this happens...

How is it that Syaoran is able to get through to Eriol but Sakura can't even get a mail reply from the dude! What are these guys planning? And what does Akiho have to do with everything now?!

I guess we'll all find out in the next episode.

That's all for now! See you next time!

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