Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kawaii Review: CutesyKink (Pic heavy)

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Today's awesome Kawaii Review comes from CutesyKink!

Mint green music note pinafore short dress


Love Live! Kotori Minami anime cosplay wig

I've become a huge Love Live fan the moment I saw Kotori-chan. She's so cute and she's usually the type of character I love to cosplay. So I decided I was gonna find a wig and do my own version of a cosplay outfit. One day, I plan to either make one of her actual outfits or commission one :D

CutesyKink is a kawaii shop in the UK filled with tons of gorgeous wigs, kawaii fashion and a quickly growing cosplay section. I'm so happy that there's a huge Love Live selection! So there are tons of Kotori-chan outfits for me to choose from.

I placed my order and got it super fast! Like literally within a week! Which is very surprising seeing as how I live in the US.

Here is the package! Very colorful and without a single rip!

My items as they came to me. I got a dress and the Kotori wig. :)

Let's check out the wig first!

The wig was kept in this protective zip-lock baggie, all nicely packed together.

If you know Kotori-chan, her hairstyle is very unique! Isn't she adorable?

So the wig had to come in several pieces. I find this is better than most other wigs because it was just a ponytail and maybe you'd get the loop part. I even got a free wig cap! Which is great since I always lose them ^^;

Here is the main part of the wig. It's a little fuzzy from taking it out of the bag, otherwise it's perfect. The bangs are untrimmed so I cut them a little bit to have them just like Kotori-chan.

The wig feels so full, better than a lot of cosplay wigs I've seen. There are a ton of wefts! And it feels really soft, like human hair. It isn't super shiny so it looks more natural.

Here is the wig on my stand. The first pic is with the clip on ponytail. It has a good amount of hair on it so it weighs down the rest of the wig. I think that's perfect because I always feel like my wig will fall off >< The second pic has the 3rd and final piece for the loopy part of her hairstyle. It actually has a little alligator clip with a black tie so you can add whichever of her hair accessories for each outfit!

A couple of wig tests~

Now let's move on to the dress!

This dress is an adorable pinafore in mint by Nyan Nyan. It's a matte satin with a musical note embroidered netting overlay. It's a short skirt but super cute! I thought it would be perfect for Kotori-chan! And it works really well with Himekaji or Pastel Gyaru!

As you can see, the band is elastic and can fit up to 31 inch waist! The straps are also slightly adjustable with a button inside the waist band.

Here is a closeup of the musical notes. How cute are they! I wonder if they make a song.

Time for photo spam~!

Kieli's Rating (out of 5)
Overall Rating

The quality and comfort of both the wig and the dress are amazing! I just found that I might have paid a little bit too much for just two pieces. But I guess that's to be expected as I was going for higher quality and it is pricey to purchase things from the UK anyway. But in any case, I was really happy with the very quick shipping as well as the ease of shopping on the website. When I get a little more money, I'd like to make another purchase in the future!

If you haven't shopped on the CutesyKink site yet, please check it out!

Hope you liked my review!

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