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Kawaii Review: October - My Last Kawaii Box [10-25-14]

Hi Bunnies!

Hope you're all having a fantastic week! Just in case you didn't see, the Rainbow Star Candy Etsy shop got a mini Halloween update! So if you wanna get anything for October 31st, be sure to order soon!

Especially this sweet treat~! Click the image above to visit my shop!

Today I bring you my last Kawaii Box. I was going to keep subscribed to this but sadly my income is too little for me to upkeep with something like this. So while it's very sad for me, I'm very happy that I managed to get quite a bit from these boxes! And now onto the review~

Here is how the box arrived to me. I know I never usually include a photo of the closed box but this was the first time it ever arrived like this. I know it's not Blippo's fault but rather USPS itself so I was a little scared!  Fortunately, nothing was harmed!

And here is what we have inside~!

"This month, everything is Kawaii!"

The first item is this adorable Furry Nemuneko Mini Plush. It is very soft, squishy and definitely furry. The ears are so little and cute! I've seen this kitty before but had no clue what its called until I got this little guy.

Next we have a kitty sharpener! The design does a great job for hiding what's normally not-so-attractive and turns it into something super cute.

You open it by pushing back the kitty so it not only hides the sharpener but it keeps the shavings inside until you empty it out!

I also got a blue Hello Kitty Ink Pen with Dessert Decoration. (Yes, that's what it's called!) There are multiple colors available and each with a different sweet treat charm.

Mine has a wrapped candy with Hello Kitty's face on it and a blue Hello Kitty head. I love stationary, especially pens. It's light and writes very smoothly.

Being a Sweet Lolita, I love dessert and candy themed hair accessories. In this Kawaii Box, I actually got a pair of wrapped candy elastic hair ties! One is pink and the other is green and yellow. They're really cute but my hair is so thick, I'm afraid to use them. So I will save them for my wigs!

Here we have another squishy cell phone charm! This one is Korilakkuma as a cake dessert. I love how the dessert theme charms come in the same bags that a real bakery would use! Doesn't it look like it's overflowing with cake cream goodness?

Puccho Chewy Candy - Pink Grapefruit. It reminds me of the Hi-Chews candies and looks very delicious. I was hoping that even though I'm not a fan of grapefruit, that this would taste yummy! Sadly, it tasted exactly like the actual fruit.

More kawaii stationary! I got a die-cut doggie card. It's actually in the shape of a Shiba Inu (or doge as the internet world knows it). It actually opens up and the lines to write on it are on the inside. To close it, that cute little bone above his head comes out a little to hold the front closed. Isn't that clever?

Next are a brand new sheet of deco stickers! These are half pearls. They're already sticky on the flatback side so you don't have to worry about glue. They'd be perfect for Hime style! 

Puffy stickers are so much fun to poke! In this box, I got a sheet of cupcakes!

There are even teeny forks~

I also got this Kawaii Pouch with Girl & Bunny! I believe it's made of nylon and it has a cute print of a pink bunny and a little girl dressed as a bunny.

You can open it from the top or the side and use it for basically anything! What would you put in it?

And finally, here is the Mini Towel with Sweets! It is a soft pink terry cloth type of fabric with everything sweet as the print. It's soft enough to be used as a face towel.

I hope you bunnies enjoyed my final Kawaii Box! If you love subscription boxes, be sure to visit Blippo or Kawaii Box and order your supply of cute!

Thank you Blippo and Kawaii Box for such cute things in these last few months!


  1. Wow everything is so cute! ^_^
    I especially like the mini plushie and the hair ties ^.^

    1. Glad you liked it!
      Thank you for reading! <3


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