Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kawaii Review: September Kawaii Box [09-17-14]

Hi Bunnies! 
How have you been? I got my September Kawaii Box! Let's see what's inside...

Here are this month's goodies from Kawaii Box! So many cute things to be had~

First up, is this mini Alpacasso Mini Purse! Isn't she adorable? I got the purple one. She's so soft and perfect for small items and coins. Next to her is a pink x purple card case! It has a key ring and a jump ring so you can attach it anywhere.

Here is a close-up inside the Alpacasso purse!

Next are my two new phone charms. One is a bitten ice cream bar and the other is a bunny donut. Both have "sprinkles" that feel real but only the ice cream is squishy. Just remember, these are NOT edible!

Does anyone remember those rainbow loom bands that kids have been going crazy over? Blippo has a Korean Style Loom Band kit which you can purchase that comes with a Y loom, a hook, S hooks as well as your choice of colored bands! I've never made these before so I will let you know how it turns out.

View of the back of the box!

The next item is a very cute fabric hairband. The bow actually has a wire in it so no matter how you wear it, the bow will hold its shape! So you can even make it to be an usamimi hairband. Be sure to check out all of Blippo's kawaii hair accessories!

I love it when I get snacks in these boxes. This is a box of the Rilakkuma Cookie Sticks! The flavoring is actually baked into the cookie, unlike most cookie sticks that are dipped in the frosting. I think this was supposed to taste like syrup or at least pancakes covered in syrup. Sadly, it tasted more like honey and I'm not a big fan. But I'm sure they'd be very tasty to someone that loves honey!

Here is another inedible food-related item. It is a pack of baked bread stickers! They look really yummy and cute~ But I have to keep telling myself that they are not to eat. 

On the back you can see which stickers are in the pack!

Blippo has a great amount of cell phone accessories and they're really cute! This one is a kitty dust plug! He's small enough that he's not in the way of using your phone but large enough that you can see him. He has a big smile and a big heart full of love just for you!

Who doesn't love shoelaces? These have a combination of two popular trends - mustaches and polka-dots! My sister kind of took them to dress up her sneakers! 

I also got this super cute kitty notebook for little notes. The pages are also in the shape of the kitty with ears and all in a soft pink.

And finally, I got these super cute fruit slice deco flakes! There are strawberries, watermelons, cherries and lots more in the wheel. Now I can add fruit to my deco pieces in my shop Rainbow Star Candy!

Hope you enjoyed my review!


  1. Everything is so cute! ^.^ The alpacasso coin purse is adorable :3
    And the bread sticker flakes look deliciousss~ It's a shame you can't eat them ;n;
    Great review ^.^

    1. Lol I know right? Thank you so much for the kind words and for reading! <3

  2. Adorable review~

    You got such a lovely box this month~ :') <3

    1. Thank you very much! And thank you for reading~<3

  3. Great review, I like all the things that you received. I can't wait to receive mine. xoxo

    1. Thank you very much! :) Hope you enjoy everything in the box!


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