Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Very Late Kawaii Review: Fairytale Boutique [09-09-14]

Hiyo, Bunnies! Hope you're all doing well! While going through files on my computer, I noticed that I have a backlog of reviews that never made it to this blog.  I'm such a terrible blogger! Well, better late than never, right? So without further ado, here is my VERY belated kawaii review on...

Fairytale Boutique

(Please forgive the appearance of these photos. They are from my old camera!)

I placed this order last July for the pre-order of the very cute Hello Cavities Bat sweater in Mint. (Mint is one of my absolute favorite colors!) I also took the opportunity to snatch up the Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse Bracelet in Black x Pink. As you all know, I love bunny things so this was definitely essential to my collection!

And here are the contents! I got all of those cards (pictured above), my sweater and my bracelet which is actually wrapped up like a candy. Isn't that so cute? I love the fact that they took the time to do that for my bracelet.

Here is a closeup of the sweater print and the candy packaging! I got the sweater in a size Medium as I did not think Small would fit. But now that I lost some weight, it fits perfectly as an over-sized sweater - which is great for Fairy Kei coords! The sweater itself is very soft but very warm. I adore it!

Close-up of the tags and sweater print!

Here is a photo of me wearing the sweater!

Now we can see what was in the candy wrapper! It's my Angelic Pretty bunny bracelet. It's your typical AP bracelet but it's a bunny, so I instantly fell in love.

One day I hope to own all of the adorable Lolita and Fairy Kei bunny things. But I can thank Fairytale Boutique for this lovely bracelet and my new favorite sweater! Sadly, I have not seen either of these on their website anymore but they do have many other cute things. Please be sure to visit them soon!

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