Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kawaii Review: Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Gummy Land Kit [08-16-14]

Hi, bunnies! Just as promised - here is my Kawaii Review on...

This kit arrived in my recent box of Kawaii Box for the month of August. Click here if you'd like to read about that kawaii review!

And here are the contents of the package! Each kit of Oekaki Gummy Land has different shapes. My kit had a lion, a star, a swan and a crown! There are three different flavor powders (blue = soda, red = grape and yellow = lemon) as well as the actual gummy powder. The kit also comes with a fork, a syringe squirter type of tool and a mixing tray so all you really need to add is just the water, like other DIY candy kits.

What you do is take the biggest packet (the green one) and place it in the biggest space of the container. That is your gummy powder. Then you take your syringe and fill each of the three rectangular spaces up to the line, open up your flavor packets and pour them into the water. (You might be able to see it if you click on the photo to get a close-up!) Use the fork to mix until you see no more powder. The oval space is supposed to be your clean water to clean out the syringe squirter. And finally the circle spaces are where you would mix your colors to get different colors and different flavors.

To make different colors, use the syringe to take from each original color and squirt them into the circular spaces. You can use the little fork to blend them better. Take one of the shapes and place it in the gummy powder. Then use your syringe to pick colors and gently drop them into the powder within the shape. Wait a few moments for it to set before taking it out!

You can use the fork to push out the gummies from the shape and let them dry fully. We mixed different colors for this star! (I worked on this with my sister) Don't you love how it came out?

This kit was a lot more fun than a lot of the other ones I've tried (and the yummiest). Mostly because you were allowed to be very creative with the colors and how you colored the gummies. I do have to say that they do taste a lot better if you let them set for a bit. They are wet and chewy in the beginning but allowing them to sit will take that away and make them yummier.

Hope you enjoyed this Kawaii Review! 

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  1. Oooh these look yummy! I've tried a poppin cookin set before (the hamburger one) and that was pretty fun too :3
    Love your blog ^_^ Just discovered it and it's adorable <3

    1. I tried that one too! Wasn't too crazy about the flavor xD;
      Thank you very much for reading and the sweet comments! Hope you continue to follow my blog :)


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