Wednesday, August 27, 2014

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4 - Favorite Female Character Ever [08-27-14]

Hi Bunnies! I'm back from Saikoucon!

Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by! It was a pleasure seeing fans I met last year and meeting new ones this year~  Your support means so much to me and I hope you continue to support Rainbow Star Candy!

Now on to today's topic discussion:

30 Day Anime Challenge - Day 4!
Favorite Female Character Ever

Without a doubt in my mind, my most favorite female character in the anime world is

Cardcaptor Sakura!

She's just uber sweet and so adorable! No matter what happens or what kind of trouble she faces (in both love and Clow Cards) she always gets through it. Her friends love her to pieces and I just love all of her outfits. I also feel I'm like her in a lot of ways. Especially the part about being a chicken where it concerns anything scary.

Here are some of my favorite outfits! What are yours?


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