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Summer Tales Boutique Review [07-26-14]


Hey, Bunnies! It's time for another kawaii review! I'm really excited about this one! It's something I've been dying to get my hands on.....

Today's review is:

Summer Tales Boutique

I'm so glad I watch a lot more kawaii pages. Even though my munnies are a little more limited these days, there are some things that I just can't pass up. One of them being this FREAKING ADORABLE BUNNY BACKPACK!

Look at the sweet face! She's so cuddly and soft and BIG!

This is the tag she came with. She looks exactly like the illustration!

She's called Poteusa Loppy Backpack. I pre-ordered this baby a few weeks back and was hoping to get it before my trip to AZ. But since it was coming from Europe, I had to learn to be patient. But I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait!

When I was first ordering, I was a little confused about which kind of shipping I should select. So I chose a random one and hoped for the best. Luckily, instead of canceling my order, I was notified via email that I needed to have it sent with another type and that I was sent an invoice for the difference. I really appreciated that and how quickly I was contacted about that. Because sadly I have had issues with other shops that would rather take it upon themselves to just mess up my order. I'm very lucky this was not the case. I happily paid the difference and tried to wait as patiently as I could.

Since I had to return to NY, I changed my attitude very quickly when I learned that this box was waiting for me. It arrived a few days to my home before I did so I was really excited to see just how cute this bunny could be!

As you all know, I own three rabbits and I have this....obsession with them. XD There was a definite need for this bag.

I was shocked to see how big the box was. But as I started to open it, I noticed there was an adorable drawing of the cute lop bunny on the lid of the box! I cut off the flap and have it in my stash of collected art pieces.

As you can see, there was great care taken when packing and shipping this box. Nothing was harmed and the paper was very pretty to look at.

I was also sent these cards with lovely pictures.

And here is my bunny bag!

I chose the peachy colored one with the very blushy cheeks. She has such a sweet face and is so soft and omg I love the ears! Lop bunnies have these sweet and innocent faces that will fool you into thinking that they could never do anything wrong.

Her ears are nice and long, just like a real lop. And when you turn her around, she has a very cute fluffy bunny tail.

The peachy color of the body and the rosey blush are very light and reminds me of a cloud. The plush is so very soft that you could even use her as a pillow. She sits at about 13"! The straps are adjustable and are a light blue color. But they get long enough that an adult can wear it on their back.

She and the other lop bunny bags are perfect for any cute coordinate. You can also store quite a few things in the actual bag part, since most of her body is the bag.

I am SUPER happy with my purchase, from beginning to end! I highly recommend Summer Tales Boutique and their products.Thank you so much for the very pleasant shopping experience! I will definitely shop there again!

If you would like to get this bag and see what else they have, please visit the 

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