Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Kawaii Box Review [07-30-14]


Hello, Bunnies!

Here is the Kawaii Review of the day!

The Kawaii Box for July!

I am really enjoying this subscription service. There are so many different cute things to be had!

Here is what I got in this month's box~

The first kawaii item is this very cute bear drawstring bag. It's a pink bear with a smile printed right on. It actually can hold a lot and possibly a small bento lunch!

I love strawberries as a yummy snack and as a print. Here we have a soft strawberry plush cell phone charm and two hairclips! They totally match the background!

And for us stationary lovers, here are two items that should be in everyone's stock. A mechanical pencil and index stickers! My boyfriend and I love pandas (and I even call him a panda hee hee...). This pencil was very fitting for me! It even has a cap for the eraser end! And the index stickers are super cute and perfect to make sure you never forget where you left off in a book!

Have I mentioned how much I love cell phone accessories? Here are two more in this month's box! One is a Rilakkuma bread charm. It's very squishy and cute and looks just like him if he were baked into a yummy bread. The other accessory is a dust plug with a very cute bow for your phone. It looks a lot better on phones where the earphone jack is at the top rather than the bottom.

Hi-Chew candies are delicious! I have yet to find a flavor I don't like and I have tried a lot of them. This month I got the peach flavored one and it was so good. I am always a fan of peach flavor candies and this didn't disappoint. It actually is one of my top favorite for Hi-Chew.

I also got this macaron!

I found out this macaron is actually a scented eraser! Isn't it cute?

It even comes apart. It actually smells a little like strawberry! Yummy!

Next is this really kawaii sticker sheet. There are a lot of bears and even a little bunny on this. This is just one of the many types of sheets that are available! I'm sure I will get great use out of these when I write to my pen pals~

And finally, I also received this adorable panda sleeping mask. It works really well to keep out any light from when you're trying to sleep.

That's all for this month's box. I hope you enjoyed my review on it. I can't wait to see what the August one will bring!

Which is your favorite from the July box or any of the previous boxes you might have gotten?

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