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Kawaii Review: June Kawaii Box! [06-25-14]


Hello, Bunnies! Hope you're all doing well! I have a special post for you today! I'm getting back into reviews so I hope you will enjoy it!

Today's Kawaii Review is:

Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service by ♥ Blippo ♥ where you will get a very cute-filled package every month. It's 16.90$ per month but shipping is free and you will get nearly a dozen items from Japan and Korea! Each month will have different items. So let's go ahead and check out what I got for June's box!

Here is a photo of all the things that came in the box. It even came with a cute hand-written note!

The first item up is a very cute sticker sheet. It's self-adhesive so no glue involved! You can decorate your cell phone, Nintendo 3DS or anything else you like! Or maybe you'd like to use this adorable sheet of puffy bread/bun stickers?

Next is a little comb! My hair is a little thick for it but it could surely be used for a doll. 

Kinda' like the doll on this very pen! It's called a Kokeshi pen on the website. Such a sweet design. I almost don't want to use it!

And who wouldn't want to keep their medicine or vitamins in this adorable Pill box? I'd probably keep candy in it XD

I'm a huge fan of snacks from anywhere. So, I was really happy to see this box of Strawberry Pocky! Looks like it came from Thailand! Glico is everywhere!

 Being someone that also loves to dress in Fairy Kei style, I like to dress up my shoes like the rest of my outfits. I love these shoe laces! And they're made of lace, another favorite of mine~ 
The mustache trend is strong with this mustache ring! I love that it's pink.

I have always been a fan of cell phone charms and now charms for my Pink! Nintendo 3DS. I immediately fell in love with this Korilakkuma phone charm!
And finally, I have this super kawaii Octopus plush. It's a very light green and so soft and squishy. It even has a little flower on its head!

I hope all you bunnies enjoyed my review! And thank you, Blippo and Kawaii Box for sending me such adorable stuff! I can't wait to see what the next box will bring. Expect another review when that arrives!

For more cute things, be sure to check out the Kawaii Box website: and the Blippo website:!

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Note: This post was my own review on my own purchase of the subscription. This post was not sponsored nor am I affiliated with Kawaii Box.

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