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Con Report: Selling at Saikoucon and AUSA! [12-06-2013]

Hiyo, bunnies! Hope you're all doing well~ I have another con report for you! (Sorry this one is a little late!) Two cons I went to sell at were Saikoucon (PA) and AUSA (Washington, D.C.). They were pretty fun! All of the photos are from Saikoucon because I didn't have my camera for AUSA 

Saikoucon 2013

2013 was Saikoucon's first year and it was held in Breinigsville, PA from August 23 to August 25. I've never been to a convention where it was the very first year so not only did I already have jitters from getting ready to sell but I was also anxious about the con itself.

My friends and I arrived early Thursday afternoon to our hotel. We dropped off our things and checked out the place. It was a hotel convention, which was the same hotel that we were staying at. This was the first time I've ever stayed at a hotel for a con where everything was right there! There was a Burger King, gas station, Dunkin Donuts and few other places! And it was also very nice that the hotel had a Sam Adams so we could get some yummy dinner too!

After dinner, we found some more friends that would be selling at the con. We went to pick up another friend, who would be my table partner, and headed back to the hotel to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

The next morning, we all got ready and headed for the Artist Alley to pick up our badges and get our tables set up. Our tables came out pretty nice! I even took a few shots and shared with those following me on my Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr! 

Saikoucon was a really nice convention. The attendees were super nice and happy. The staff was really helpful when we needed them. And it was overall relaxing. I couldn't believe how many people came to our table! It was so wonderful to see so many smiles and even just to talk with everyone! It really meant a lot to me to be welcomed like this. It just encouraged me into creating a ton more and to keep going with my shop!  I now know, for a fact, that this is what I need to be doing. And no matter what, I'm gonna keep going.

For the most part, my friends and I just stayed in the Artist Alley to hang out with the attendees, other artists and to shop around. For a small convention, it still had a decent turn out. And I loved meeting new people and getting to know the other artists. It was also great getting closer to people that I've seen at past conventions.

It was really fun dressing up though! For all three days, I dressed in full Lolita. All of the layers weighed down my suitcase XD I had my friend take the photos for me because I really liked how the coordinates came out. I tend to just have an idea in my head and lay them out on the bed. I don't know how it really looks all put together until I actually am ready to go out.  Guess art skills come in handy at this part!

For Friday, I wore my AP Toy Fantasy Salopette replica. (Sorry no photo!)

Saturday was my big day so I wore my ♥ CL/Fancy Bunny OP from Meta ♥ (in Pink!)

And for Sunday, I wore my ♥ Sweet Bunny Doll JSK from Rakuen ♥ (which I bought at Otakon!)

So it was pretty much a bunny weekend for me XD And it was so funny when we went to Cracker Barrel (my first time going to one!) because with my Sweet Bunny Doll JSK, I wore rabbit ears. A lot of the people eating at the restaurant smiled at me and some even asked if I was dressed up for a play.  I thought it was super cute.

I didn't buy much at Saikou other than a few accessories from my dear friend at ♥ Hip Hop Candy ♥. I love her bunny stuff! There is no such thing as having too much bunny stuff! But I did manage to find more wonderful people like the Lemonade Sisters at the ♥ Sweet and Sour Stand ♥, Sakky from ♥ Sakkysa ♥, and a bunch of others!

After this first year of Saikoucon, I know I would definitely like to sell there again. For a first time con, it wasn't that bad. And it seems like they're listening to feedback so next year should be even better!

Anime USA 2013

From Sept. 13 to Sept. 15 in Washington Marriott Wardman Park, my friends and I were selling at Anime USA. From what I understood, this con has been running since 1999 but it was the first year in this new venue. It was a gorgeous hotel! Super fancy but with a ton of rooms!

I went mostly to help out my friend who owns the lovely shop ♥ Hikari wo Sagasu ♥! But it was thanks to her that I was able to go to AUSA and even sell a few pieces of my own! I thought that Saikou would have been my last con of the year but I have such wonderful friends that always look out for me!

To keep my suitcase light(er), I went with just strictly Fairy Kei and slight Gyaru Punk (is there such a thing? XD ).

For all three days, it was bouncing from table to table of our friends to help them cover when they needed. It was a lot of fun actually. Artist Alley was really great. I went around every single table and bought a few things. There were also some great cosplayers.

I ran into some of my favorite artists (and some new ones) that I got to buy from as well! I got great stuff from artists like ♥ Skipaway ♥♥ Shirotsuki ♥ and ♥ Sweet Mildred ♥ among others. It's always great supporting artists. You get to make friends as well as show your support! So next time you go to a convention, do take time to check out the Artist Alley. You never know what you'll find!

Lol sorry not much to say about a con from when you're behind the table most of the time but I do my best! I hope you at least enjoyed the photos! Until next time, when I sell at AWA in Atlanta!


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