Thursday, November 7, 2013

Continuing the Celebration with Hamee!

Hey Bunnies! Guess what! We had such a great party that Hamee aka Strapya-World has extended the sales! Hamee is gonna party hard with us!

Do you remember those lovely sales we had last week? Or maybe you missed them?

Fret not! They have all been extended until November 15th! Just click on the pictures above to check them out!

Don't forget the wonderful free gift with every order!

And what's a party without party games?!

Hamee is also hosting a ♥ Treasure Hunt ♥

From November 8th to November 22nd, the first 88 customers to find the treasure will get super coupons worth 100,000 JPY! Here are some of the coupons you can find:

So how are we supposed to find these treasures? Here are the rules from the website:

How to Join The Treasure Hunt

1.Please read the Rules and Disclaimers before you start.
2. 4 kinds of coupon code are hidden somewhere in the store.
3. To get coupon codes, please look for Hamee logo icons. Please see the bottom of the page and check out how the logo icon looks like.
4. When you find a logo icon, please click it.
5. You will be given a coupon code.
6. Please keep the coupon code until you place an order.
7. You are given some hints in the bottom of the page.
8. Are you ready? Please go back to the Hamee Renewal Anniversary central page from here. The Hamee's Treasure Hunt starts there. Good luck!

Rules and Disclaimers

1. Coupon codes will be applied to the first 88 orders which are placed during the period mentioned below.
From November 8th, 2013 to November 24th, 2013 in Japan Standard Time
2. Coupon codes will be activated when you place orders. Since the number of coupon code is limited, we recommend you to use coupon codes as soon as possible before other people use them.
3. 500 JPY and 1,000 JPY coupons have minimum order amount. These coupons work for orders over 2,000 JPY.
4. Limit one coupon code to per person.
5. Limit one coupon code to per order.
6. The Treasure Hunt starts from November 8th and ends November 22nd.

Now that you know the rules of the game, be sure to keep an eye out for the Hamee logo icon!

Click on the treasure maps above to join the Treasure Hunt and get hints on where to look or just click here: ♥ Hamee Treasure Hunt ♥



 This post was happily sponsored by Hamee Strapya-World. 

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