Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Celebrate Good Times with Strapya-World!

Hey Bunnies! Got a special post for you today! Are you familiar with Strapya-World? If you do, that's awesome! If you don't, that's okay! Because what better time to find out about this awesome company than now!

If you have a love for cute things, fun gadgets, or really cool stuff for your phone, then Strapya-World is a great place to visit! You can find different things like these really cute animal coin banks that grab the coins you give them or really nice cases for nearly all types of cell phones! And get this - Starting November 1st, we're gonna help them celebrate their Renewal Anniversary!

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What's a Renewal Anniversary, you ask?

We all know an anniversary is a celebration of how long something has been around. A renewal anniversary is still having that celebration but using the new year to get a new fresh start. The company will still be the same Strapya-World we know and love but it will take this opportunity to go through a rebranding. Soon it will become Hamee! So what will this mean for us fans?

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Our first gift from the big celebration will be special One Day Sales! Each day until November 7th, certain items will be discounted 80% off! And with each new day, it will be something different. It's like having a coupon that never goes bad for a whole week! Be sure to come back to the website everyday to see what products are in this huge sale!

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The second gift is another awesome one. Did you ever see a really nice phone charm or even a nice iPhone5 case that you wanted but you just couldn't pay the price? Here's your chance now to get a really good deal! From November 1st until November 7th, there's going to be a $5 Sale!  The items won't change like in the 80% sale but there's plenty to choose from!

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And finally, for our last gift, there will be a $1 Sale! Just like the $5 Sale, certain items will be on sale until November 7th and the items will not change. But trust me, there is a lot in there!

And just when you thought we were done - guess again! For each person that makes an order from the website, you will be given a free gift - a Japanese Origami and chopsticks set! With this set, you will get a free pair of chopsticks and origami paper to make your own chopsticks rest. If you get one of their really awesome food kits, you can use this to eat!

Click to go to the Celebration Sales!

How is that for a nice party?! Awesome deals and a free gift for every person's order! Just visit the Strapya-World's website by clicking on the logo at the top of this post or click on any of the sales pictures to go straight to the sales. You'll be glad you didn't miss this!


 This post was happily sponsored by Hamee Strapya-World. 

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