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Happy New Year and 30 Day Anime Challenge! Day 2 - Favorite Anime You've Watched So Far [02-03-2014]

Happy New Year, Bunnies! Sorry I haven't been around but a lot of things have been going on!

First off, I was planning for a trip to Otakon Vegas in the first weekend of January! And I was also visiting my boyfriend and his family. It was pretty fun! Sadly, this first Otakon Vegas did not have many cosplayers and the shop didn't do too well as far as sales. But I did have a lot of fun with the people I was with! And it was my birthday too! But more details on that in a future post~

And side note: for those of you that have been wondering, my shop is temporarily closed while I fix up the blog and get new items up on my shops! I also plan on opening a "lovingly used" shop where I will sell manga, DVDs and Lolita that I have owned but not made. Please look out for all of that! Now on to the challenge...

Haven't done one of these in a while! Today's challenge post will be about:

Favorite Anime You've Watched So Far

This one was extremely tough. I have been fortunate enough to have seen a lot of different series. I have seen a lot from both shounen and shoujo. While I like my adorable romances, there are times when you need a good story about guys beating each other up!

I made my choice more like a contest. Where you have the top winner and the runner-ups. This makes me feel a little bit better about my #1 decision~

Runner-Up #5
Yu Yu Hakusho

This series was one of my absolute favorites for the longest time. It was made in the days where shounen was the top genre. Where you could have amazing battles, the importance of friendship and combining elements that you never thought could be in the same story. I mean, who would have thought to include a ghost detective and tournament fights? For a series of 112 episodes, 2 movies as well as a lot of mini side stories, it was a great time.

Runner-Up #4

While I liked Pokemon, I was more into the story that Digimon had in its different story arcs. To me, there were more moments where the kids were challenged with a lot more than just an opponent. They had to deal with family issues, school and saving the world. All at once! Pokemon did show that the relationship between trainer and Pokemon had to be strong to make an awesome team, but it felt more emotional in Digimon. Plus I loved the English dub!

Runner-Up #3
Sailor Moon

A true shoujo favorite. If it's not at the top of the list it's usually in the top 5. Sailor Moon is a series that changed and heavily influenced the shoujo stories of today. It was also one of the few anime that I: saw the dub and sub of the anime, read the manga, collected as much of the art as I could and collect the memorabilia (when it was available, of course). It totally made me truly appreciate mahou shoujo and learn about other series. I could say it was thanks to Sailor Moon that I got to know about series like Creamy Mami, Saint Tail, Magic Knight Rayearth and so much more. So you know I'm really excited about the new series!

Runner-Up #2

It took me a while but my boyfriend was finally able to get me into this series. Unfortunately, it was not one of the series that I watched on Toonami. But hey, better late than never! It actually turned out to be a really good series. Especially for the first two arcs when it was about Van and his adventures! The following series were okay but nothing could compare to Chaotic Century. Then again, it was from the late 90s, a period which I found had really good stories.

Runner-Up #1
Cardcaptor Sakura

From the days when CLAMP works were nonstop and just plain amazing. Cardcaptor Sakura was always my top favorite from the famous mangaka group. And I'm happy to say that I did not let the terrible dub keep me from watching the series. After the series ended on TV, I made sure to get the DVDs and watch them in uncut form. It was so much better. And even though it was a magical girl series, I feel I could really relate to Sakura. It's kinda scary how alike we are but at the same time, pretty awesome. Because if I were an anime character, she lives exactly how I would want to be.

The Winner:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

You guys might find this strange to be the winner. Especially coming from someone that loves cute things like Lolita, Fairy Kei and bunnies. But after a dear friend of mine started showing me the anime (yes I'm one of those people), I just instantly fell in love with the series. Now I know that the series has been in existence since the 80s but I just never got into it. I will admit, I got into the series because of the anime. But it's because of the anime that I went back and started reading the manga from chapter 1. I don't regret it and I'm not ashamed that the anime is what got me hooked. Again, better late than never. It also doesn't help that I'm a huge sucker for historical points in stories, whether it was an actual event or even just the fashion, you have my attention.

This was a pretty difficult decision. But doing it this way, definitely made it a little easier!

Thanks for reading!

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