Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's In The Box Wednesdays: NiNE FRUiTS PiE [11-28-2012]

Hey there, bunnies! Hope you're having a good week so far! It's almost over! Definitely can't wait for the weekend. Especially since my friends and I will be going to NY's first Lolita ball! Can't wait for that. Hope to take lots of pictures! Today, I have a box with me - wanna see inside?

As you all know, I am a huge fan of cute accessories. I think I have more accessories than actual coords. LOL (一。一;;)This sweet package is from CLAUDiEBOO, the owner of the Etsy shop ♥ NiNEFRUiTSPiE ♥.

She makes all kinds of jewelry with different kinds of pieces. She has a great sense of design with her color and texture combinations. And they're all super kawaii. Each of the pieces that came in the parcel were placed in soft pink mesh bags.

The first piece is the bracelet. It's a sweet and colorful accessory that has a nice weight to it. One of my favorite things about this piece is the fact that she incorporated buttons. She has a good amount of pieces like this in her shop and she does a great job of combining colors. So it's like each one is a pastel rainbow! This one has pearlescent pink beads in between lilac and baby blue buttons. It reminds me a lot of a seashell bracelet!

Next is a set of adorable animal earrings. One of them is a super smiley green kitty and the other is a just as happy pink bunny. If any of you are, like me, old enough to remember and loved "Shrinky Dinks", these are definitely for you! Each set is designed, colored, and shrunk by CLAUDiEBOO so it's definitely not from a box. They are really cute and super light but also large enough to catch attention. But do remember, they are super delicate so be careful with these cuties!

Another favorite is this headbow. Oh my gosh, I LOVE watermelon! And I love hair accessories so it's a win-win! The bow is big and super cute with its sweet watermelon print. The fabric is soft but sturdy so it won't ever go limp, even if you wear it all day. I love the fact that the headband itself is made like the inside of the watermelon, seeds and all. And if I don't feel like wearing the bow on the headband, it's removable and I can put it on a clip and wear it just as the bow. Very smart!

And, with my order, I got a second pair of earrings! Aren't they adorable? It's a pair of pink hearts.

I had a very good experience with this shop. Everything is just as described and it all arrived safely. She has great communication and like I said, a very good eye for design! Yay for cute! Thank you so much CLAUDiEBOO! I have definitely become a fan!

So definitely check her shop out, lil bunnies!

Until Next Time~

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