Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sweet Sunday: Lucy's Bunny Saver! [11-25-2012]

Hey, lil bunnies! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! Sorry my blog has been so quiet! Things tend to get crazy at home and work due to holidays. I have a wonderful little post for today's Sweet Sunday.

Meet Lucy, owner of the Etsy Shop ♥ Lucy's Bunny Saver ♥! She is a sweet, young girl that really knows how to make pretty jewelry. And not just any jewelry! Lucy is an animal lover and is helping in a very creative way. Each piece that she sells will become a donation to this awesome rabbit rescue called ♥ Bunny World Foundation ♥. It's really awesome when even younger people show they care for our world. If you'd like to help Lucy save bunnies and get a beautiful bracelet, just visit her Etsy shop! For more ways to help, also check out the Bunny World Foundation link or their ♥ Facebook page ♥.

Amber is a very cute bunny up for adoption! 
Find her and other adorable little buns at Bunny World Foundation! 

Lend a hand to those with no voice. The bunnies will thank you for it.

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Special Note: This post was not endorsed in any way.

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