Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's In The Box Wednesdays: Cute Can Kill Review! [11-14-2012]

Hey bunnies! Time to look in the box! Inside we'll find.....

Cute Can Kill!

As any fan of Fairy Kei can tell you, one of the brands that is a must have for kawaii accessories is ♥ Cute Can Kill ♥, owned by the very sweet Lila. This sweetie makes things from yummy-looking candy to super cute bears. She has earrings, hair accessories, necklaces and so much more! Let's check out what I ordered.

Inside the parcel, I found this very pretty and very neat present! She did a great job making it look like a gift and it's all in purple! I loved how she added a star to the ribbon to go with the moon on her little note. 。◕‿◕。

And here is what was inside! Everything was so sweet and pastel, it was like I entered a dream and was surrounded by cute things~

I especially love her art. I have always been a fan of carousels and horses so this was like getting extra treats for my order. 

The first of my order is a very pretty lace bow. Lila does a lot of work with clay and resin and it's a really nice touch when she can mix different elements. The bow is a soft ivory color with a minty green resin star in the center. It even has the word "Love" in script on the bow. It's actually one of my favorite pieces  and it stays on well with the french clip barrette.

Speaking of hair clips, I bought a few more from her. Mind you - each packaging for each product comes in a plastic baggie with a paper backing of her art in it! (Yay art!)

I've always been a fan of CCK's star hair clips. So I bought a larger one (with 4 shapes) and a smaller one (with 3 shapes). I bought one shaped like a candy that says "Cute" on it. (─‿‿─) Each hair clip is made out of colorful (and very glittery) resin. The larger clip has 4 stars while the smaller version has 1 star and 2 hearts. And the candy has two little star confetti on either side of it.

And what's a girl without cute necklaces?! I bought a good amount of these too. I have a purple candy necklace to match the candy hair clip I got. A second candy necklace that has 3 candies in blue, yellow and pink on a silver chain. A resin purple and mint cut out heart with the words "Baby Girl" in the middle of it. That one is on a baby pink plastic chain. And finally for this group, I got a chain with a almost transparent purple heart with a darker purple bow and a pink heart on it.

This was also during the time of CCK's update and we were finally getting to see her surprise of flying unicorn necklaces! Aren't they adorable? Again - these are all resin. She had so many different color combinations that I had to at least get 2 different ones. I also got a cute star lollipop necklace. I love how the unicorns actually have a mark on their bums like a My Little Pony! o((*^▽^*))o

Next, we have a couple of earrings. Each is a star shape with a cutout in the center. I got one in purple and the other in a bright blue. Cute, right?

And even after all of that - Lila gave me a few little gifts with my order. Such a sweetheart! (>y<)In the little package, she gave me a pair of Rocking Horse earrings, 4 different kinds of rings and a sweet purple heart brooch! I love it all!

Ordering from Cute Can Kill was a pleasure and Lila really is a darling. She let me know right away when one of the items was out of stock. So there was really great communication there! Her packaging and items are all so adorable and I love the deco tape. But you have to make sure to try to catch her updates because it can get a bit crazy and things sell out quick! I was really happy to get all that I did.

Thank you so much, Lila! I will definitely buy again during your next update!

Until Next Time~


  1. Was thisa recent order you made?I'm like dying to get a Pegasus necklace...I see they are all sold out on the cocktail website? What gives?please respond?

    1. Hi,
      Sorry about the delay! Actually this was an order I made a couple of months ago - I just hadn't gotten around to making my review until recently. Sadly they have been sold out since the first day. :(


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