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☆Kawaii Review: Tokyo Treat Box - Halloween Edition☆

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Has everyone been having a good Halloween month aka October?
I can't believe it's tomorrow already!

Today, I wanted to post a Kawaii Review!

~Halloween Edition~

Tokyo Treat is a monthly subscription box in which you can get all kinds of snacks and drinks straight from Japan. Depending on which tier you subscribe to, you can get different items. This was my first time trying this box so I tried out the Premium box which has a drink and a DIY kit.

Very important note, if you decide to purchase this box with Paypal, please make sure you really want/can get it. Payment will go through right away and if you cancel after, they will not refund your money back. I learned this the hard way....

I ordered the October box so the theme was all Halloween!

So let's see what I got~

Here is the box. It's nice and sturdy so everything is pretty well protected.

Opening the box, we see everything laid out including the mini magazine which has the list of everything included, instructions for the DIY candy (since it's all in Japanese on the packaging), contests and more info.

Let's take a look at all the items I got~

✩Horror Mask Mint
Apple mints candy with a DIY zombie mask for Halloween! The mints are sweet and have bursts of apple flavor. I actually like them a lot.

✩Satsumanma Sweet Potato & Apple Chips
Literally sweet potato and apple chips. It's a mix of the two in this bag. I loved the apple ones but I hate sweet potato. If you like both, this is a good snack for you!

✩Harvest Mont Blanc Choco Sandwich
It's a chestnut and white chocolate biscuit sandwich. Trying this made me realize that I do not actually like chestnuts. I was happy with the white chocolate though.

✩One Piece Wax Paper
I had no idea that Tokyo Treat included non-food items in their boxes! I'm planning to give this to a friend of mine who is obsessed with the series. It's wax paper with illustrations from the anime One Piece to be used for nearly anything! I'm sure she'll love it~

✩Dagashi Mix
This is a set of 5 snacks (4 Dagashi and 1 umaibo). They're kind of like the really cheap snacks you find on your way to the register in a store. Only there's more than just gum and chocolate. I got a gummy, a ramune flavored-gum, ramen bits, candy stamps and a honey-flavored umaibo (rice puff snack). My favorites were definitely the ramen and umaibo. 

I really wasn't a fan of the stamps but it was cool to see them actually print!

✩Toppo - Halloween Version
They're like the opposite of Glico's Pocky. But just as tasty! The chocolate is inside the biscuit stick instead of covering the stick. And because it's Halloween time, the box was decorated in the spoopy theme.

✩Waraku no Sato Chestnut Yokan
This is a wagashi, or a red bean confection, made with red bean paste, sugar and agar. We received a seasonal flavor so it has chestnut inside. This was the very first item I have tried that I actually like the red bean. Sometimes I find it to be too bitter. But it was more on the sweet side. I just didn't like the chestnut...

✩Zombie Maker Gum
It's a whole kit to make a zombie - complete with a card and stickers to decorate with and of course, a piece of gum. I'm not a fan of zombies so I would pass on this.

✩Mogimogi Fruits Gummy
OMG. This had to be one of my favorite snacks from the box. I LOVE gummies. Especially muscat grape and melon flavors. It actually looked like a grape vine and combined these flavors with red grape. You could pick off each grape bunch or do I like I did and ate them all together. It was so good!

✩Hana Kappa DIY Bubbly Jelly
In this kit, you're making a bubbly treat. In the pouch there's a mixing spoon, one cup designed with the character and the powder. All you need to add is the amount of water in the instructions. Mine was grape-flavored and it felt like eating literal bubbles. But the grape flavor was a little too strong and sugary, that I didn't like it too much. At least you get to keep the cup to drink out of.

✩Paripipo Avocado Cheese Potato Snack
I've never eaten avocado and cheese together so I was a little hesitant when trying this one. It was crunchy and perfect bite-sized with lots of flavor. But sadly, I did not like it. I'll keep my cheese and avocado separate, thank you. 

✩Koala's March - Halloween Version
I think everyone recognizes these yummy little snacks by now! If not, they're cute little biscuits with different koalas printed on them. They have chocolate, strawberry, choco banana and matcha green tea. Mine had Halloween-ready koalas printed on them and were filled with yummy chocolate. I look for these in supermarkets all the time. I love them.

✩Pie No Mi - Halloween Version
Another personal favorite of mine. Just like the koalas, they are filled with chocolate but the biscuits themselves are actually flaky and crunchy. Nothing is usually printed on the biscuits but the box had a cute Halloween print. There are also other flavors but chocolate is the only one I've seen.

✩Melon Soda Jelly Drink
This was a special melon soda. It has a jelly consistency and bits of nata de coco. I normally love Melon flavored anything. But I was not happy with this one. I didn't like the texture or the nata. I'll stick with my regular melon sodas xD

✩Review Summary

Contact: 10/10
Very helpful and informational customer service. Even with my mistake, they still helped me out a lot.

Price: 9/10
It was the Premium tier so it was the most expensive. But with all that I got, I think it was pretty worth it.

Shipping: 10/10
I had to wait for it to ship which was a couple of weeks after I reserved a box. But it arrived safely and nothing was damaged.

Quality: 10/10
It's all official from each respective brand so all was great quality.

Comfort/Taste: 8/10
I got to try a lot of snacks and a drink that I never would have bought on my own. So I can say I've tried these products even though I didn't like all of them. And now I know I don't like chestnut xD

Overall: 9.4
It was a great trial run for this subscription box. It's definitely perfect for the Japan lover who has a VERY open palette for many different kinds of foods.

Have you tried this box already? What was your favorite?

That's all for now! See you next time!

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