Thursday, September 14, 2017

P!Qtoo Grand Opening in NYC!

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

On Saturday I went to the

P!Qtoo Grand Opening in NYC!

I heard about the event through some of my favorite Instagrammers that were going to be there as kawaii guests. I had already been the original P!Q shop when they had an art show by artists from all over. Although, when I went there wasn't much merch in terms of kawaii. So I thought it was just alright. But I wanted to try visiting this one anyway.

I had originally planned to go with friends but ended up going by myself. But it didn't matter, I got to dress up in this very cute Liz Lisa coordinate with a My Melody bag. It was a little chilly so I'm glad I went with everyone's votes on Insta for this set xD


Blouse: Liz Lisa (purchased from Ageha Gyaru Shop)
JSK: Liz Lisa (purchased from Ageha Gyaru Shop)
Boots: Liz Lisa (purchased from Multipal Store)
My Melody Bag: Sanrio (purchased from Kawaii Gyaru Shop)
Earrings: NY and Co.
Bracelets: Offbrand
Lashes: Romantic Minnie Mouse
Make: Colourpop, Wet n' Wild, e.l.f., Milani

I made it to the event just in time somehow. XD I rarely go into the buildings in Rockefeller Center so I got lost a few times. And just as I was going down one more hallway to find someone to ask, I saw this adorable sign!

This shop is so pastel and so cute, I got super excited to walk in. I was immediately greeted by the staff and felt so welcomed. Everyone was super friendly and was a pleasure to chat with (I even made friends with them). I asked if I could take pictures for my blog and am happy to say it is allowed!

Apparently this is a new character from Sanrio! :O

Those are bath bombs and salts on the bottom...

I went all around the shop taking pics of a lot of the displays. I took advantage of the fact that there weren't many people in the store just yet. A lot of us were waiting for Rilakkuma himself to show up!



Fluffy unicorns!

I think this was a plush mask...

I fell in love with the storefront! They even had a fake crane game with all these plushies!

I wanted that giant Rilakkuma so bad.

At about noon, the adorable bear showed up! I was 3rd in line and got to take a couple of pictures with him. He's super soft! Of course, you have to be gentle with him.

After a while of watching people take photos with him, I decided to do some shopping. And once you hit a certain amount in San-X/Rilakkuma items, you got a goodie bag! I was so happy to receive one!

At certain times during the day until 4pm, they would bring back Rilakkuma to take pictures with everyone. I mostly just hung around to chat with people and see if others dressed up as well. There were a few people in kawaii fashion as well as Lolita!

I finally got to meet Julie Doll (whom I followed for forever on her blog and now Insta) and Yani (a very kawaii Youtuber) in person. I was also introduced to Keem (a very sweet Lolita from Cali just like Julie) for the first time!

After a while of hanging out and chatting with my new friends, I decided to head out. We hugged and said goodbye. I know they'll be back to NY soon for NYCC but sadly I won't be able to attend. But I hope in the future we'll be able to hang out again.

Before heading back to the train station, I stopped by quickly at the Nintendo store and saw a few cute things.

I had to xD

Including these amiibo for the new Monster Hunter Stories game!
Sadly the amiibos are Japan only right now. I'm hoping we will eventually get them or I can find a way to get at least one of them since they're not region-locked...

Once I made it back home, I got into comfortable lazy clothes and looked through my bag to see what I got!

The bag has Rilakkuma on one side and Sumikko Gurashi on the other! It's a pretty big bag and very useful. :D

I received these free gifts from the sweet Lolitas. A two-sided San-X fan, a Rilakkuma card and sticker.

I love the designs!

Here are the goodies that I bought:

Tons of sticker sheets!

Sumikko Gurashi notebook and a Rilakkuma pen 
(oops pen not pictured xD)

Now let's see what I got in the goodie bag!

Rilakkuma Pen Pouch Band
It's a pencilcase with elastic to wrap around the cover of your book so it's altogether! What a great idea!

Korilakkuma Cell Phone Pouch
It has a clip to attach to your bag or your belt loop. You put your phone in it and when you need it, just pull on the penguin and a ribbon helps lift up the phone! It even has a secret little zipper in the back.

How cute is that bear butt xD

Rilakkuma Deco Tape
I actually have one like this that I got from Mimo Pencil Case Shop. It's super cute to decorate things with or just to cover up mistakes in a pretty way xD

Rilakkuma Picture book
This little book actually tells you the story about Rilakkuma and his friends. Stuff that I had no idea!

Korilakkuma Shoe Coin Purse
It's super soft and plush. It has a key ring so you can attach it anywhere! It's pretty roomy so you can hold quite a bit in it.

Hope you buns liked my post! Please visit P!Qtoo if you're ever in NY! Who knows, we might run into each other there!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. You look so beautifulllll ♥ waah I wish there were such shops here. We only have 1 that I know of and while it's nice it's kind of expensive lmao Everything you got is adorable too ^^
    ps. I lost it watching Rilakkuma waddle out of the door. Those wittle legs (TvT)

    - Amiman♥

  2. Thank you so much, hunni!!!! ♥ Yeah, there used to be a lot more but they've all closed down or moved in the last years :( I hope you will get shops soon! You could always contact your favorite brands and suggest them to open a location near you! I've done that a few times :D And yesssss, that Rilakkuma was just adorbs!!!!


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