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30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 22 - A Game Sequel Which Disappointed You

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Day 22 of the 30 Day Video Game Challenge
A Game Sequel Which Disappointed You
Hiding for spoilers~

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Is it bad that FFXIII-2 came to my mind almost immediately? Sorry this might become mostly a rant post...

I think I would have been happy if the first game ended where it did. You go through the story trying to save your sister and to end the cycle of fal'Cie and L'Cie. You eventually accomplish it at the sacrifice of Fang and Vanille, sadly. But it was generally a happy ending. Even though the characters spent the whole time saying they wouldn't destroy Orphan because that's what he wanted but did anyway....Anyone care to explain that?

And then there's FFXIII-2.
Apparently, everything you did caused a time paradox and screws up the whole timeline. They fixed the battle system (thank God) and now it's Serah's turn to save Lightning with the help of Mog and Noel. And even though we didn't get to see much of Serah in the original game, she became one of my favorite characters after Lightning and Sazh. So it was really cool to see her as the heroine this time.

I know in the Final Fantasy series, there's this whole lore surrounding the Goddess Etro and they implemented it in this story as well. But yet again, we fix everything and try not to kill the final boss, this time being Caius, but do it anyway. (Personally, I also would have loved to learn more about Caius, Noel and Yeul.) So we basically undid everything we accomplished in the first game and permanently lose Serah! Not to mention even more gets undone in the final game Lightning Returns! This game ends with everyone reborn on Earth? Like WTF!

Snow, why did you turn into such a d-bag??!!!
It almost felt like Square-Enix tried to do too much at once with these games. Like they decided to create the next sequel because they realized they put too much into each game that they needed to expand more. They were also working on other games including the project which eventually became FFXV, abandoning the idea of tying it in with 13. I think when they had to start that project over, 13's story started falling apart.

I wanted to love these games. I really did. There are some good parts but the problems with the story and characters just outweigh all of that. Which makes me sad because it could have been a great series.

What do you think?

That's all for now! See you next time!

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