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Kawaii Review: Sailor Moon x My Melo Collab - Shopping with Tenshi Shop!

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Today, I wanted to post a Kawaii Review!

Sailor Moon x My Melo Collab
using Tenshi Shop Shopping service!

This adorable collaboration was announced earlier this year and I just died! They are both favorites of mine~ What a great way to celebrate their recent anniversaries - Sailor Moon at 25 and My Melody at 40!

As soon as I saw the announcement, I asked Tenshi to put me down for a list of some of the collab items. Luckily she was already taking orders for it and all we had to do was wait for the release. August 3rd couldn't come soon enough XD

I also follow a few My Melo fans accounts on Insta and saw this adorable terry headband. There's probably an official name for them but I'm not sure. (Anyone know?) All I know is that it will keep the hair away from my face while I put on makeup or take a bath. So I also added that to my order. XD

Anyway, it wasn't long before I got the confirmation that she managed to get all of the items I wanted! I was ecstatic. A lot of items sold out within minutes so we were really lucky. But I guess it also helps that I didn't get the plushies. They're adorable but I think I have too many already!

Shipping was pretty quick but I was so excited for these items, I was getting very impatient waiting. I finally got this adorable box from the Japanese Sanrio store in the mail! Look at the adorable details on this box!

Opening it up, I'm immediately greeted with a sweet hand-written note from Tenshi! ♥
Thank you so much!

Look at all of this adorableness!

Let's dive in!

✩My Melo Terry Headband
This was not part of the collab but I added it to the order because I regretted not getting the My Melody hairbands when they were available on the Sanrio sites. This one is just as adorable. From what I can tell, it's bigger and much softer. I can use it to keep hair out of my face and I plan to use it in some gal coords! 

That tag♥

✩Sailor Moon x My Melo Pouch
One of two bunny-eared little pouches (the other was a pencil case). I opted for this one because I know I could get a little more use out of it. It has the adorable print with different images of Sailor Moon, "Sailor My Melody" and Luna tiled throughout on what feels like a vinyl material. 

It has cute little pink bunny ears and is adorned with Sailor Moon's brooch. I love these little details because Sailor Moon's real name is Usagi (which means rabbit) and My Melo is a rabbit herself. They really thought of everything when designing the items for this collab!

Official tag for the collab!

Inside, it's lined with a solid pink material. It also has a little pocket!

✩Sailor Moon x My Melo Pass Case
We still use Metrocards here in NY that have to be inserted into a machine to pay public transportation fare. So unfortunately, they tend to get dirty. Which makes me not want to put those cards in this case anyway. I'll probably just use this to hold my ID or something.

It's the same detail and print as on the pouch but only one of the images on the front side. The other side is plain pink. I love that it has a ball chain so you can attach it to anything.

✩Sailor Moon x My Melo Hand Towel
Honestly, this was an impulse add. I don't know if I could bring myself to use it and get it dirty. The first thing I noticed were the adorable star and moon print and the size of the towel is not that big.

I also love the little embroidered corner as a nice finishing touch. The words say "Sailor Moon x My Melody" in a script style. You also see the three characters peeking through the heart-shaped window which is actually a shiny satin-like fabric also embroidered on. It's all completed with a cute little pink bow!

✩Sailor Moon x My Melo Lunch Bag
I knew this bag was going to be small but I didn't think that small. But it is for bento box lunches... and I knew I wanted a bag, I just didn't want the bigger canvas one. This one is just so much more cuter and delicate-looking.

It's also made of a canvas material with the different images tiled all over. The top is trimmed with purple ribbon and light pink chiffon. Very sweet and suitable for both My Melo and Sailor Moon!

Inside the bag is plain with a pocket!

✩Sailor Moon x My Melo Key Holder
One of my favorite pieces from this collab!

Hanging from a big lobster clasp are hard plastic charms (maybe resin?) of "Sailor My Melody", Sailor Moon and a crescent moon with Luna. There are even little stars with prints of jewels and sparkles.

The moon itself  is decorated with sparkles and actual gems! 
Luna is so cute peeking over!

Finally at the top the loops for the keys are decoratively hidden by a pink bow. Which I think is a great idea since it's not that pretty to stare at the not so pretty hardware used to make it XD

✩Sailor Moon x My Melo Sticker Flakes
I love the packaging on this! It's decorated with the characters and lots of little stars, sparkles and gems. The moon is actually a cutout so you can see the stickers inside!

On the back, it shows you all six designs that are included and there are 36 stickers in the package!
Which is your favorite?

This is one of those items that I wish I could get two of but at the same time not really. I have turned into a bit of a My Melo collector so some items I want to keep as I received them. And I will actually use some of these stickers in different craft projects...But I made the final decision of just getting the one and keeping at least a few of the flakes for myself. That's okay, right?

✩Review Summary

Contact: 10/10
As always, excellent customer service!

Price: 9/10
These are official Sanrio items so they do cost a little more. But even with shipping and fees, it wasn't too terrible.

Shipping: 10/10
Very fast and items arrived safely. In a very cute box, I might add!

Quality: 10/10
Everything is official Sanrio and/or Sailor Moon merch so amazing quality!

Comfort: 10/10
Thankfully everything was perfect including the actual ordering. I'm so glad that Tenshi Shop is such an efficient shopping service.

Overall: 9.8
Like I said, I was a little scared about trying to get all of these items because I didn't know if anything would sell out. Tenshi did a great job! I definitely recommend the service for all your shopping needs!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. Everything is so super cute. I didn't get anything from this collab but after seeing everything you got makes me regret my decision.

    1. Ahhh sorry ^^; Hopefully you can still find places to get a few of these items!!!!

  2. So many cute items! When I heard about this collab and saw the pouch with the bunny ears, I immediately thought of you! :3 And that's a great idea for the pass holder, using it for your ID card.
    - Amiman♥

    1. Awwww thank you! X3 Yes, this collab was the best thing ever! I hope there will be more in the future! And yeah, I will do my best to keep it all clean xD Good thing most of it is made of a vinyl so it's wipe down :D


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