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Gyaru in Anime and Manga Part 3

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Gyaru in Anime and Manga Part 3

This final set of series contains stereotypical and/or not so great views of gyaru. Some are gals that are designed just to be the otaku male's fantasy with hardly anything on, overly-done makeup (like way past dramatic) and are very voluptuous. These are the type of series that always make gals to be delinquents, ditzy, only wanting sex and a wild night life.

Bijo Juku
Eve's fashion is perfect. The art is really nice to look at. I just couldn't stand her. She's now attending high school and it turns out that it was recently turned co-ed. She is on a journey to find the perfect suitor, preferably one that is rich. (Didn't I just see another series with the same kind of description?) Even trying to get past that summary, all I find her to be doing is trying to sleep with gorgeous guys. Is that all there is to it? I couldn't even finish the series. So whether that changes by the end, I don't know. I just couldn't read anymore. Have you read it?

Chiki Chiki Banana
Porn. It feels like I'm reading girls' fantasy porn. It's about two friends that are trying so hard to lose their v-badge. It was entertaining in the beginning because the girls are funny. But eventually, it just made me sad.

Hajimete no Gyaru
Manga and Anime
SEVERELY ecchi. Definitely a guy's manga. Meet Junichi and his group of friends - feeling like the only ones that will never find girlfriends. They run into a very busty gal. They dare Junichi to take a shot at her because gyaru only think about sex. At least...according to their girly magazine. So when he approaches her, he admits to liking her and she eventually gives him a chance. Only it turns into her always wanting to please him and her doing something dirty for him. Is this what a lot of guys want? She remains gal and doesn't change her appearance for him but becomes more like a sex pet to him...

Special Mention
Oshiete! Galko-chan
Anime and Manga

I am so on the fence about this one. This series could actually fall under the previous list but because of the main character's design and how they treat her, it fell under here as a special mention. Very borderline ecchi. The story is about a VERY busty gyaru named Galko-chan and her everyday life. You see strangers and even some of her classmates assume she has the typical rep of a gyaru. Which is not the case at all! She's not all that smart but has a heart of gold. When she sees that someone needs help, she will defend them. 

There are times where I actually feel bad for her because out of the two friends she has, Otako can be really mean to her. Every episode is asking a question most non-gyaru would ask a gal. Like you're automatically assuming how we live. I could look past her character design and could have truly loved this series if it weren't for these assumptions. Now I did finish the anime and was okay with it for the most part. But it felt like it was putting gyaru on the spot and trying to figure out if all the rumors were true. Like it was trying to make Gyaru look better but at the same time it didn't.

Now you buns reading might have different views on the series but these are my own personal opinions. You're totally free to love them or hate them. In fact, I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments!

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So where do these lists actually leave us? Are we to feel better or worse with all of the series I have brought up? I'll have my final thoughts all worked out in the next and last installment of my Gyaru in Anime and Manga series!

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That's all for now! See you next time!

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